What Makes A Thief?

In one key area we are all thieves. There is no country left in the world that has not been fought over and taken from peoples who previously thought it was their own. Especially those who did not realise this ‘ownership’ tribal tradition was growing among the human community.

Given that it is in us to steal, why do you think, Michel Segard, Michael Ramstedt, Tom Mullaney and Thomas Feldhacker are thieves? Why would they take the New Art Examiner and put their names on the official registration papers leaving Derek Guthrie’s, the co-founder, out? These men want status in Chicago and that city, like many another, teaches thievery.

I don’t know what will happen to this cabal of nobodies but I would ask people not to support them. Derek Guthrie is alive, still publishing, and his magazine is far better financed and supported than the cabal’s.

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  • If anyone would like an honest, coherent and detailed rebuttal to this “libel” and “personal smear” and would like a more accurate representation as to what happened, why it happened and how it happened . . . both this situation, as well as over the duration of the 45 years of this magazine please feel free to email me at MichaelRamstedt1@gmail.com. Its a fairly eye opening and informative dissertation. I do not understand why Daniel feels the need to lie about this. And to such a great extent, as well. And also to do it so publicly. Both are very “low rent”. And both are at the heart of what caused the “latest” conflict here. Of which Daniel was a primary cause. And of which we tried multiple times, in good faith, to resolve. There is a reason this magazine never actually went anywhere. And kept failing. Over and over again. And why 5 previous boards revolted against the publisher. Michael Ramstedt, Board Chair – New Art Examiner

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