War and Business

We all know lies in War are almost a necessity and certainly a very useful weapon in their own right. It also makes a lot more money than the straight truth would for business people. Just think if you proposed a law that everything sold to you had to carry two prices, the price the seller paid for it and the price they want from you. Making it up to you to decide if the profit is acceptable.

Not going to happen is it? Wonder what business people are afraid of? You knowing too much.

That’s why lies in War are so useful, because you need to camouflage everything to get the better of your enemy. To make money you have to ‘never give a sucker an even break’. So good are business people at fooling us Governments have to pass Laws to keep them in check. And in War there have been long discussions about ‘Just’ ways to pursue a war.

Money is not an ethical system nor is war but we are ethical animals and we try to instill ethics in both and we fail. War is ritualised murder and money is the converting of the ‘free’ resources of the planet into the owned assets of the few. Completely ignoring the facts that no one owns anything, we are all stewards of the planet and will pass it on to the next generation, and that in fighting each other, as DNA now shows, we are fighting our cousins. All wars have been civil wars. All money is ignorant exploitation.

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