Voice Overs

It is perfectly normal for people to have sounds and voices in their heads – we all have someone reading away when we read and some of us read novels and even have different voices for different characters. I am not sure if this is a natural facility or one we learn from our parents who tend to enjoy acting out our first, early-read books when we learn how trains sound when they talk English and what a big elephant sounds like as opposed to a baby elephant.

Whatever the roots this voice or series of voices follows us in our lives and since we know ‘things’ have voices what we also tend to do is ascribe characteristics to them to associate them with kinds of voices. Done so silently we don’t even think about it. And have you ever thought of yourself in a movie or a play or somewhere at work doing what you really want and the kinds of things you would say and how people would react to you? Is it your voice and are those really the things you would say?

It would be interesting if human beings has less made-up voices in their heads and more of the real voices of the world, the real animals and the real sounds and better still, if we had an innate understanding of the kinds of things they are saying.

I want to know if dogs have egos.

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