The Wonderful Mind

I cannot really think in three dimensions. At least I find it hard sometimes to clearly visualise something that could be placed into the real world. I know some people can and even more I know some people have such an accurate visual memory they clearly recall images in all their colour. Not me, I have to recreate it from impressions.

I am told by people who think they know, that dogs cannot see in colour and therefore if they possess memories they are in black and white. I think this is probably  incorrect as higher animals need to be able to differentiate the real world on several levels of sense even if one sense functions to a greater degree than the others. Perhaps even some animals have perfectly adequate brains but their way of realising the world in them is not our way – after all language is but one form of communication.

I think in the future one of the surprises we are going to be given by research is just how the brain understands anything, and what if anything, it truly understands.  I will be surprised (if I am around to know) if it proves the brain can only comprehend the world by creating a language to discuss the world. I am sure that the brain uses language as a form of communication with other brains, but understands on several levels.

Which is why of course, I think animals are far more intelligent than most people do. There are after all, different ways of being intelligent.

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