The United Kingdom

It is still a Kingdom, after a fashion, though the monarch doesn’t have people beheaded anymore they still anticipate the bowing. The Cornish who now do not differ genetically from their English cousins, still maintain a liberal tradition, the Welsh, descendants of the original inhabitants of the island, are penned up in some amazing small mountains and the Scots are for the most part still set apart but not sure why anymore. The old kingdoms have gone and the old Empire has been molded into an Commonwealth for economic reasons, but there are many reasons why the UK is still an impressive country.

Firstly she is politically relatively stable. Whilst not lacking in hypocrisy she still produces through her imperfect educational system leading minds of the world and a steady trickle of Nobel Laureates. Having run an Empire for its wealth London has marked out territory as a leading financial centre. She will keep this until Mumbai and Shanghai take over.

The countryside is beautiful though being  small country it is now impossible to walk twenty miles without crossing a  road. Long ago she slaughtered her bears and wolves and having no animals that are life threatening in the normal course of events she lectures other peoples on how to keep theirs.

But her priceless possession are her seasons and her language. She has ceded to the world a language of beauty and depth and the character of the future of this world will be largely decided though the idioms and derivations of the English Language.

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