The Simple Life

There was a time according to popular fantasy, when life was simpler, easier even because there were fewer decisions to make, or less options for life choices. In these Garden of Eden fantasies food is cheaper and purer, the sea water somehow fresher, the clothes easier to copy and people’s expectations lower. It is a view I would heartily disagree with because it leaves out one element of the fantasy you can never leave out: its all about people.

People’s expectations have ever been simpler. The word itself comes from its usage by alchemist to describe the elements they used in their chemistry and what were they trying to do? Change everything to gold and find the elixir of eternal life. By no means simple things. The desire to rise in society, become someone of eminence, have status, to own others, leave a name are common to every society we have ever encountered.

No I suppose there were no cars once we were a horse society and there were no guns once we preferred swords and spears  but we dreamed of better things because we eventually made them. We made them because we were dissatisfied with what we had. We have always wanted bigger and better.

We have never been simple.

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