The Complete Guide to Modern Existence

Everyone has an agenda and it is never yours.

Politicians never tell the truth. This is not the same as lying. Learning the difference will save you endless heartache.

Countries cannot be enemies, only people can be enemies. Don’t generalise.

Idiots can get elected. Be wary of the image you hold in your mind of anyone. That image isn’t the person.

I love dogs but they will never be a substitute for loving a child. But a child not brought up with dogs is deprived.

Cities are bad places to live. Run your life so you only ever have to visit.

If you don’t get on with your family, choose a new one. Blood relations are not the end of close relations.

Pure green tea might be good for you but ugh…sometimes it’s bitter.

People who love you are with you.

Everything wears out and what you wear outdoors tells people everything about you so – dress in secret.

Nature intends nothing she is being experimental.

Trying to be ethical is the only self-rule worth a damn.

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  • Most people prefer a full of happiness to half a glass of joy; some accepted half a glass of mindfulness to the other half a glass of empty ignorance.
    Either way, happiness is available whether you have an empty glass or half filled glass. A glass is empty when happiness is vaporous to others, elsewhere.

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