The Battles Of Life

Fantasy has always been about the struggle of good over evil. Great stories of all cultures are about justice fighting injustice, religions are about the right path versus the wrong path for living. This dichotomy reflects the division in the experience of people that there are decisions to be made in our existence and that existence itself does things that can be judged. A volcanic eruption is not a thinking being but it can be judged as good or bad,depending on what happens and one’s viewpoint. People dying in Pompeii and Herculaneum is bad, volcanoes erupting millions of years ago and giving us continents and islands to live on now may be considered somewhat fortuitous.

Does this endless round of story telling on a strict theme display something about us? Is there rally a dichotomy in our thinking and in the way we run our lives? How many bad things are expedient and how many good things are simply our spin on our cultures? Is there some authority we can turn to that doesn’t spring from our minds that can show us a universal idea of goodness and badness?

Or is all this just a story as seen from our point of view? Is there no objective good anywhere just a judgment based on outcomes that affect us? Are our assumptions actually, the worst thing about us?

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