Real Democracy

There is a lot to be said for proportional representation. To begin with it ensures each individual vote is far more important tan our present system of first past the post, where effectively one person can negate half a population’s wishes, which can then be ignored by the winning candidate for the next five years.

It also means that safe seats become less important because the politicians always have to address the undecided voter – the part of the public that always has the swing. indeed what safe seat would ever truly be safe if the proportional representation system was one of first to third choices and transferable votes?

The main argument against is that smaller parties can gain a foothold into Westminster and end up holding the balance of power against the majority opinion. Unlike today where we have five year tyrannies from the main political parties who treat society like a huge capitalist football match in which the Monarch is not allowed to be a referee and the one we had we are getting rid of (ECJ).

Actually if you are going to have a proportional representative system you need a highly informed voting public. That means increased funding for better education and empowering more people to be less afraid of their thoughts. I am afraid the political parties in the UK do not want that happening.

No Feelings?

Yesterday 313 MPs in the British Government, in the age of Jane Goodall voted that animals have no emotions and no feelings. To put that in context for you, this is pure Catholic teaching, a church which also tells us they have souls.

The self serving nature of this vote is obvious, we need to experiment on animals and kills them to make money. The ignorance of this vote in an age of DNA and the wide research  sometimes done by killing the individual animal – into rain chemistry – proves we are all related. Proves that higher order animals have synapses which make connections just as we do. You only have to see altered behaviours such as elephants breaking the tusks of their dead, to know they know.

But 313 MPs in Westminister don’t care about science they only care about power and money. The true nature of a human being lies in how they treat those over whom they have power. The Hague just found a man guilty of war crimes. I find 313 British MPs guilty of war crimes against the animal kingdom. A war we have waged for thousands of years without cease.



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