A Battle for Ignorance

We spend a lot of energy fighting to keep our beliefs. Fighting to go on doing what we have always done. It might be the remnant of deep learning; those first lessons are designed to keep us alive. So, no matter where we go or where we live our childhood haunts still have a special ambiance. Those early foods remain our favourites.

First ideas have the same quality. They are friends no matter how absurd they become or how dangerous to others. We see this most clearly in chauvinism, but it exists in how countries see themselves, how tribal customs work and how religions entrench themselves in communities.

Anyone who has not changed their minds is liable to have never had an original thought.

They Say

… that the elements of business are the same as those of war. They say that war is diplomacy by other means. They have said that a diplomat is someone sent abroad to lie for his or her country. That countries are the modern realisation of tribalism, that tribalism is as nature intended us to be.

That tribes have structures and inherent to those structures is the idea of leadership. In fact leadership is inherent to everything. But for their to be leaders there have to be followers just as for business to flourish there have to be buyers.

Buyers come in many sizes depending upon their wealth. Each wealth group is tribal to its own group. An extension of business, country and leadership wealth engenders followers like flowers following the sunshine.

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