The Vagaries of Rehearsals

We have one week before we put on an Art Extravaganza in Penzance using satire to publicise, if they need to be, the profound failings of public art and recent readings of art history. And we were doing quite well considering the art world in Cornwall is stagnant.

We have a good group and were doing very well, but have had to change the format this weekend as one of our cast is ill in France. Huddle. Looks at parts. drop one. Tell audience what is going on, make it part of the joke.

These are the crises of middle class people putting on a show. Nothing too much to worry about then.

Everything is Sales. Everything is Theatre

I was talking to a friend of mine about how working for the New Art Examiner I was not very good at social media and selling on the phone and she, working as a care worker, said ‘everyone is ins ales these days.’ I agree with her, from politicians and monarchs, to the homeless guy with his notice of his problems or his dog, everyone is selling some part of themselves to get some money or advantage from other people.

I have always known that fashion is nothing more than theatre, that everything we choose tow ear is just a part we play for the occasion. It is why there are so many clothes for different things – I mean have to see what people wear these days just to get hot and sweaty playing sports? Society has become one bit theatre where we are selling each other to each other.

It’s a long way from the ideal of personal improvement being one’s every day and life long learning being one’s reason to exist. Today we learn things almost by accident, we expect others to be doing the learning and then selling us what they have discovered.

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