Morality Doesn’t Count

It has always amused me the arguments had over politicians and what they do for sex and how they manage their professional decision making – and the wide gulf that often exists between the two.

I think the ones who tell people to be faithful and are not themselves deserve to be shown up; at least have the honour to live the life you espouse for others. Those who have open relationships should be allowed their rope as long as they are not sleeping with spies.

But liars are never anything but liars and the most dangerous of all people. However, that is all of us. The delusions we live with and the myths we pretend are who we are, are the most profound delusions in the Universe.

The Indecent Proposal

Every so often a man in a position of power is shown to have abused that power to get sex. And people act surprised and horrified.

Every man who tells his sons they have a right to ‘play the field’, every man who has a chat up line or approaches a woman on the basis on her body form and not what she is talking about, every time an erection becomes the only thought in a man’s head…then the dictates of testosterone are in play, evolution has taken over reason and the male becomes an animal.

Interestingly, when the sexual revolution happened, women loved the freedom to have sex as they wanted to, and Cosmopolitan in those early years could be forgiven for concentrating on a woman’s body and forgetting women have ‘souls’ . In my opinion there isn’t a woman’s magazine in this world that should talk about looks, but few will agree.

In modern society, and maybe always, sex has become a trade in which women gain something. But the women who don’t trade are victims and respect is not being taught strongly enough so it becomes nature to us all.

Sex without love, my mother told me, is masturbation with legs on. Words to live by.

Lovers’ Wars

It seems to me we choose our wars quite carefully but there are a series of ways in which they remind me of experiencing love-making:

The heat of battle attracts the young. They are full of the thinking that takes offence easily, stands beneath a flag, fights for a cause. They have the energy wars and sex need to be at their height.

It is the older with grey hairs who have seen it all before to whom the young go for their advice. It is always the older who govern the aims and objectives of wars these days, though in the past only those who could take to the battlefield commanded which meant leaders were far younger men than they are today.

No matter how well you plan or how enthusiastic you are, love and war never go quite the way you envisage it. They take on a life of their own as wrought with chance as emotion.

You will always be hurt.

It goes without saying both produce a good many unwanted children.

You can lose yourself utterly in both, almost transfigured into someone who is no longer thinking rationally but wholly immersed in something that has taken you over.

There is always the time when you come to.

And you will come  out of them with a host of stories and quite often a drinking problem.

The Politics Of Love

Aspects of our lives as communities grow up around us from generation to generation and we cease to think of the essence of the things and accept what we are presented as the thing itself. Politics is not about voting not about constitutions, these things are the mechanics and the Laws we have grown around a very basic human need – how do we deal with each other? And no matter how many layers we place on top of this question in terms of laws and expectations, the question is actually answered for many of us in how well or badly or indifferently we socialise when we are children.

Because a huge amount of empathy is required for us to understand each other on an individual by individual basis.

Think of it this way,we make love with every word we say to our lovers, with every action, every movement, look of the eye, in every conversation, everything we do together and even apart when we let them know we are thinking about them, is love making. So too we are political in every interaction with people (and animals for that matter) in every thought, every opinion and every moment we live amongst others.

Making laws is merely to enact; like sex, the substance is every thought that comes before and afterwards.

Gender Remix

My sister left home when I was nine and I inherited all her children’s annuals and was shown a world of fashion models, Christmas decorations and recipes. Which was rather bizarre as my boys annuals were a world of heroic cowboys, space rangers and fighter aircraft. So whilst I was trying to work out the differences I went and cooked my first food – over salted cookies (I blamed the annual).

My mother bought me guns and trains and toy cars and most of the other things boys in my generation played with but when it came time to understand what these things were in real life it was not a straight swap, but a discussion about war, industrialisation, pollution and ways in which we choose what we want to love in this world.

The fact is that gender differences begin and end with sex, everything else is a matter of mind. Manipulation of society to educate people to different expectations are all a source of control unnecessary in a wise society. It is a stronger society where a woman can be an astronaut and a man can clean the house, there is no loss of strength of character for either.

There is only a need to understand one’s own expectations and where they have come from and who gave them to you.

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