It is little wonder the population think they have limited power when they work for forty years towards one goal only to have the money they set aside and the goal move due to circumstance and government. One wonders what the governments were doing with all the money their populations were earning for decades that they managed to destroy so many people’s retirements so absolutely.

In the past people used to think leaders took wealth for themselves and it was the aim or being a leader to end up rich. When I was at university I was appalled at how so many of the brightest minds in the country only wanted to be merchant bankers; as if we are trained to think accruing wealth is the ultimate aim of all human beings. Even when we know this is not true and we go to study more about the universe where our future homes will be found we still glue the work to a salary.

And to create that salary we need to always grow as a population into the resources of the Earth for economics cannot be static. Economics only works as long as the economy grows. They said once you do not fight the new war by the rules of the last war, and we have to learn that the economics that has past was a place of rich resources and growing populations. We have murdered each other in our millions to assure new countries and renewed wealth.

The new economics will be a stagnant, difficult and eventually broken system.

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