What Is Real Anymore?

We make up gods, we look for miracles, we believe anything said about ourselves that magnifies our brilliance from being chosen, special to the most intelligent to perhaps being the only life in the Universe. We believe in adverts which should tell you all you need to know about gullibility.

Yet this gullible self,obsessed animal that we are slaughters without cease. Everything and everyone we can.

This is the animal we will take into space with us – this tribal, the follower who gets into psychological difficulties if we are not loved, if we are left out of the group, if we feel unheard. Human beings are far from sane.

Why Religion Is Mistaken

Religions make the error of telling us what god is. The great historical problem with this is that, given there is no empirical evidence for god, we draw upon what we know to describe the divine. But at any one time in our history, we have never known everything and in fact, looking back, can be said to have known next-to-nothing about nature and so all our descriptions are created in ignorance.

We can say, with emphasis, that soul and goodness never change and that creative genius is eternal but the moment we engage our gods in the world and with us, we drawn them to our limited understanding. 

The great tragedy of this is that as we learn more, what we thought we knew is challenged but we are loathe to give up what we thought we knew so we justify our ignorances in any way we can. This only ever leads to conflicts.

We should keep god metaphysical and give up on religions, codifications and all dogma. We are simple too ignorant to be able to judge.

Atheism and Divinity

I have listened for many years to debates between religious people and agnostics and/or atheists and heard many trying with earnest goodwill to persuade each of the merits of their own case. Some points may be considered absurdist (like defending exact phrases in the religious texts against experience) and some antagonistic (like labelling all religious people as one kind of thinker.)

What is obvious to everyone is that religious belief will never go away  and we have, thankfully, left behind the times when showing disrespect to the gods in Rome was tantamount to insurrection and carried the death penalty or at least imprisonment. As did vegetarianism in Rome at one time.

I became an agnostic in my teens but in the past years I have finally realised that atheism is actually the finest route for my mind. Beginning with leaving behind religions – which is a sane response to their ancient myths and search for miracles – and then witnessing the gradual retreat of god into metaphysics where god can only be known through belief and nothing more. And of course beliefs tell you everything about the believer and how they think and nothing about the divine.

In future times we will see how naive religions have been and how inadequately they contain the nature and spirit of the universe but how completely they have been expressive of human nature.

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