The Fight For Peace

It is a strange aspect of our existence that we do one thing because we hope for the exact opposite. In fact we do the thing for that reason; so we go to war, so that we can have peace. At least that is what we do these days. But in other times that was not the reason we went to war. Prince’s a warriors made war for conquest and gain, and many would spend their whole lives either at war or planning for it.

Very religious people spend their whole lives preparing themselves for living after they are dead.  We work all week so we can enjoy our holidays and leisure time the more. We make money so we can buy the things that are made of the things that were found on this planet free of charge. These things rule our existence and yet in themselves they are not the aim or objective, they are merely the means.

Even stranger then to know if we did without them we would have peace, lots of leisure time,  and more of a heavenly life on this side of death than most people think even possible. All it takes is a different way of thinking and a different way of building nations. Which means we really need a wholly different kind of human being.

Trust Me To Lie

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could tell when someone is lying the way we can with a four year old?

“Did you have sex with that women?”

“No I didn’t and don’t pay any attention to the woman holding my trousers.”

“Of course I never took that bribe and my bank account deposit details which you are waving about is inaccurate.”

Children are very obvious at that age, but we get crafty as we get older at hiding the evidence. There is a worse lie abroad in the world today that says we all worship (those of us who do) the same god. And that that god is all love and anyone who kills in god’s name is just a bad person and not truly religious at all.

The actual fact is that we are too obvious. We do what our natures want us to do and then we try to define god in terms that continues to allow us licence. If belief doesn’t lead us wholly into a life of service and poverty we haven’t taken on board any religious wisdom at all.

“Yes I am religious and very loving and no I won’t allow my country’s army to stand down.”

We derive our beliefs on who makes the first move in this life, and we expect that always to be the other person. Peacefulness is not the natural way of human beings, it has to be taught, understood and embraced.

Morning Walk

The grass is almost always wet and where the animals have not been grazing it grows through the summer to thigh height, drenching any clothes depute the wellington boots (galoshes). The summer sun is always there, so hot sometimes it is best to walk the fields under the ash, hazel and sycamore tree shadows. Storms pass and break off twigs and branches which make for a ready supply of sticks to throw for the dogs, if one had normal dogs. Momo, rescued as a stray seven years ago, has never chased sticks not shown any interest in them. Queenie-Colleen being a collie, a lady and more intelligent than most didn’t have the slightest interest in them for months, until I stopped throwing them and tapped her back with them and danced around, then she grabbed at my hand as all collies tend to do and I had to teach her to only go for the stick.

She still prefers just to dance with me and not run after them, and she won’t do even that if she hears a loud noise or gets too close to the horses and other animals. They scare her. They scare me sometimes.

We often see the hawks waiting for the dozens of rabbits who skip across the fields at the slightest movement to gain their burrows. A few neighbours walking their dogs. A car now and then which the dogs skirt to one side much to the amusement of city drivers who have never seen dogs trained with cars.

This is peace.

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