Guns In Schools

Sometimes hypocrisy is so vile I have to speak. The NRA and the gun lobby in the USA have spoken.

There are no and there never has been a good guy with a gun. There are people with guns some of whom shoot for reasons you agree with and some of whom shoot for reasons you disagree with with. This is true of all weapons.

The NRA sponsored the gun club at the school in Florida at which this boy learned to shoot, I would bet they sponsored many of the places all the shooters learned to shoot. The NRA trained these murderers.

The NRA actively bought easily purchasable Americans in Congress and fought not to have back ground checks strengthened which would have stopped several of the mentally unstable murderers ever having weapons.

The NRA’s ruling body and all its members have blood dripping fro their hands and because it isn’t their children, they don’t care. Let me get this right, you want guns because governments turn on their people? OK and when the army is sent out against you you won’t be facing tanks and you won’t be bombed from the air and blitzed by the navy from the sea? Your pathetic guns won’t help you but they make you all feel like Randolph Scott and John Wayne so I guess, the deaths of over 400 children is worth that feeling to you.

And finally, may I add, arming teachers will induce your shooters to buy body armour, also something you sell, so the whole mass murder routine in your name will simply become a shoot out. Great idea for taking it to the next level in the video game the NRA has made of schools.

So Many Lies

A new proxy war between Russia and America in Syria, the first major one we know about since Afghanistan – and that one turned out brilliantly for the Americans. Another mass shooting in a school which proves, obviously, that teenagers should not have easy access to guns as they get frustrated and angry way too easily. And Johnson, who learned to speak in front of boys at Eton, where majority opinion is always Conservative, telling everyone how to save his political career for another fifteen years until he can retire and tell the news programmes of the world how he steered the UK brilliantly in to the 1950s.

Elon sends a car into space, a man who really needs publicity? A space already filled with junk. I hope he brings it and some of that, back. Or is he trying to get to a geodesic on Mars where the billionaires will hang out in 80 years time when the Earth is uninhabitable if you want to sun yourself in the Pacific and whore in the Mediterranean.

Somewhere in all this, a blog carries the words of a poet. Shänne Sands, a rare voice of truth.

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