Money is a drug. The whole world is becoming or is, addicted. It gives value to vanity and ego and destroys the need for any talent other than its own increase.

I am wary of drug induced artwork. I see it has a worth but the taking of chemicals to enhance in some way the chemical make-up of one’s own mind seems to me to be artificial. Some say they need to get to the next level to improve their perceptions and focus. This is obviously true but it does not detract from the fact that an artist who reaches those levels without taking these drugs is more in charge of their minds and talent.

So I approach money as I would any other drug. It is dangerous. It takes over the mind, it gives excuses for behaviour, it traps and makes its own demands and it threatens sanity. For surely it is insane to argue that making money it more important that protecting the natural world. Without the natural world we are all dead, without money we simply have to find another way to engage populations in the making of society.

The money drug, like all drugs, becomes a part of the personality, the necessity of taking it an achievement, and ultimately it lies to us. We are always worth more than what any drugs make us.

The Fight For Peace

It is a strange aspect of our existence that we do one thing because we hope for the exact opposite. In fact we do the thing for that reason; so we go to war, so that we can have peace. At least that is what we do these days. But in other times that was not the reason we went to war. Prince’s a warriors made war for conquest and gain, and many would spend their whole lives either at war or planning for it.

Very religious people spend their whole lives preparing themselves for living after they are dead.  We work all week so we can enjoy our holidays and leisure time the more. We make money so we can buy the things that are made of the things that were found on this planet free of charge. These things rule our existence and yet in themselves they are not the aim or objective, they are merely the means.

Even stranger then to know if we did without them we would have peace, lots of leisure time,  and more of a heavenly life on this side of death than most people think even possible. All it takes is a different way of thinking and a different way of building nations. Which means we really need a wholly different kind of human being.


Radix is the Latin name for a root, any root, and in English it is used in words that describe the fundamentals, the foundation, the essentials of a particular subject. Everything begins with a root that feeds the rest of the plant, that is a fact of life. The Earth grew out of a Cosmic event, flowers grow from seeds, the large evolves from the smaller.

On linked-In in the White House group I have asked the question, “Where does money come from?”  and so far I have been told from the printers, from commerce and from the means of production. All good and all somehow true but none of them have found the essential, the root basis of where money comes from.

Which is strange because I would have thought amongst all these avid money makers the root or their commercial enterprises would be something they would know immediately because even if they had not been taught it they could work it out quickly enough. It isn’t difficult. Or maybe it is, when what you have been taught is to argue over the assumptions your society has already made and not to question the assumptions themselves. I hope others answer this question because it fascinates me how lost people are in the mire of their poor thinking.

Learning By Infusion

Babies of all species have to learn from their parents and their peers. We used to simply have to learn the art of survival, which berries to eat, how to hunt, how to cook, where it was safe to sleep, but the learning experience has become far more sophisticated over the millenniums. Yet like all things the fundamentals never change.

Money is merely a survival mechanism, and the more I read of people trying to infuse trust and nobleness into the monetary system the more I smile at the tension between making money in the day-to-day and the betterment of human thinking. It is one thing of course to have to make one’s way in the world and provide for one’s family (something that can be done with a lot of work and surprisingly little actual money as a field and a river can supply food and power) and quite another to lend a helping hand, give freely to the community and expect no return.

For example it is much wiser for the species for there to be nothing we may term ‘illegal immigrants’ because people want better lived and it would be a better world if the rich countries helped and educated those who were poorer. But of course, money is not about bettering the human race but about making it richer for money has its own rationale that has nothing to do with trust or nobility and everything to do with borders and national interest.

Which is why the human race must leave moeny behind in the dustiness of history if it is ever to be at peace with itself.

The Possession Of Justice

The greatest possessions a human being may ever have are those for which we pay no money. They are not the only possessions worth having:  it is good to have a safe and warm home, it is healthier and we live longer because of it; it is pleasurable to have the ability to move around on a horse or in a car and see more of the world. But it is those things that define our individual characters that make the most difference.

This is obvious since we make decisions and those decisions impact upon all other life, the factors involved in making those decisions must be paramount. Mercy mist always be more important than profit, honour must always be more important than buying out a competitor, empathising must always be more important than the exchange rate.

So why aren’t they? Why when so many people want the possessions that come without money, when so many people want to see people express those characteristics that have nothing to do with finances, don’t we propel those qualities to the forefront of all we do?

Because these are not the qualities of money-making. Because for all the talk what we really want is to get by in the system and the system is against characteristics that limit  income. Because we sold those characteristics in the market place, and today they are little more than words.

We strive to possess and find we are the possession.

The Financial Crisis

The planet earth and every single atom of  organic and inorganic life on it, was a free gift to humanity. In fact pretty much a free gift to all sentient beings. The biggest free lunch we could conceive of before we conceived of blasting off into the wider Universe where the only thing that will stop our rapacious appetite for converting everything into money will be a stronger being.

I do wonder, if people were given the chance to vote on it, whether they would invent money again. This need to convert the planet and its resources into things people buy, to divide up areas of land into private property which can be bought and sold, which becomes one personal fortune, seems little more than birds displaying their mating potential.

The alternative?  Isn’t bartering, because the alternative only depends on the aims of individuals and the species. If the aim were knowledge we wouldn’t be making NASA scientists compete with each other for funding of projects, we would have a community of a million or so people working together in a micro society, making everything for themsleves, because they would know you only need energy to get things done.

I wish the money world had left space for such communities to arise but it hasn’t. A loss to us and knowledge.

An Ancient Task

It isn’t so much getting up in the morning, as wanting to get up in the morning. Bringing yourself to the day and the day to yourself. And it isn’t so much not wanting to face the day, as not wanting to face what you have come to fill your days with, the chains of society.

We are still trying to survive. No longer just walking the Serengeti with a dirty spear and bare feet, we have other tigers to be careful of: the constant need for money, the constant need to eat, the constant need to sleep safely. And so many of us are not managing, millions of us.

And they do not suffer the torment of teeth crushing the bones, but the longer tortures. The lifetime of tortures. You can be secure and still be failing. You can be rich and still be failing. You can be asleep and still not be dreaming. For the art of life is a balance that reflects the brilliant balance of nature. We have lost the balance.

This is nothing to do with spirituality, it is to do with stewardship of nature. To maintain fresh water is beyond many of us. To grow trees not cut them down is beyond many of us. To plunder without cause seems to be our ignorant course. To convert nature into money has no long-term merits.

We get up in the morning but so much is still darkness.

The wide, wide world

When I was a teenager I had to stop thinking about the terrible suffering and torture of animals around the world.  I found the sheer weight of the feeling of the immensity of it all crushed me.

Now when I read humanity still chasing after money in their billions, still converting the free gift of the world and her resources into a wealth only humans understand or want, and look at the degradation, death and sordid living standards of millions due to this fixation, I again feel the weight crushing me. I know the human beings do not exist who could build a civilisation without buying and selling each other’s time. I know it but I mourn it. I know that though Hazlitt lost the argument about people being generally altruistic I mourn he lost.

And I wonder at all the pain and I see Nature slowly changing as the theory of humanity is so much better than the reality. And yet all the time we pat our collective selves on the back and tell each other how brilliant we are, how rounded is mathematics as it unleashes the knowledge of the universe into our universities and I mourn at the low standard of thinking and ethics of the people who will go into space doing no more than setting up businesses and planting flags.

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