Magical Science

I am sure we can all point to thing in our thinking that at first glance appear to be opposites, but none-the-less we have an affection if not a high regard for both. For me these two things are an deep love of the magical from the childhood spells to the adult awe in the magnificence of things I see  hear or find out ( I still look at a rainbow as something magnificent and the eyes of animals as something wonderful) and a respect for and abiding fascination with science. The whole conceptual intelligence behind creating experiments that prove something about the way life works is not at all magical, and yet is.

And that’s the point because magic is supposed to be about an underlying arcane energy you can filter into your being if you have the knowledge and then affect the world around you, whilst science is the world around you.  They are not different as much as the first is a wish fulfillment and the second is reality.

But the reason I love them both is because in many ways the wishes of those who described magic across the world have been fulfilled by science: we fly, we create elements from raw materials, we can swim under the water, we can travel to other planets.  It is as if the imagination of those who wrote about magic in a million different stories were actually trying to presage scientific achievement.

In their own way.

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