Let’s Get Through The Day

I have heard many scientists talk about blue-skies research and how the modern world is made on the discoveries of men and women who used their imaginations. I have written a little about it on my daily thoughts. But actually the role of human imagination is far deadlier and far more extensive than we suppose.

From day dreaming to thanking the  gods of the universe for things that happen, to complaining to the wiles of those same gods when things go badly. From prayers to planning for tomorrow and working out what might happen, the human being is wholly dependent upon the imagination. The way in which we all instinctively understand that the way in which our nations are governed feels misguided but we feel powerless so we imagine greater powers visiting us and any number of hidden agendas.Even to the ways in which we extend the act of sex with each other, all of this relies upon our imaginations.

And all of it gets us through a day, charts a course for us to follow so we can live and not be too despondent about our labour and our struggle. Like a vast, self-administered drug the imagination makes us optimists in the face of decadence, cruelty and indifference which we also find inside ourselves. As if nature has fitted us with an endless excuse by letting us play make-believe.

Trust Me To Lie

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could tell when someone is lying the way we can with a four year old?

“Did you have sex with that women?”

“No I didn’t and don’t pay any attention to the woman holding my trousers.”

“Of course I never took that bribe and my bank account deposit details which you are waving about is inaccurate.”

Children are very obvious at that age, but we get crafty as we get older at hiding the evidence. There is a worse lie abroad in the world today that says we all worship (those of us who do) the same god. And that that god is all love and anyone who kills in god’s name is just a bad person and not truly religious at all.

The actual fact is that we are too obvious. We do what our natures want us to do and then we try to define god in terms that continues to allow us licence. If belief doesn’t lead us wholly into a life of service and poverty we haven’t taken on board any religious wisdom at all.

“Yes I am religious and very loving and no I won’t allow my country’s army to stand down.”

We derive our beliefs on who makes the first move in this life, and we expect that always to be the other person. Peacefulness is not the natural way of human beings, it has to be taught, understood and embraced.

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