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The human brain is an amazing thing. Just when you think you have forgotten something it comes back to you. Just when you wish you had forgotten something is swings into your mind in full colour. And all those childhood memories that lay dormant throughout one’s career grow back with stronger ties as one ages. If age leaves one with a mind to grow anything in, that is.

One of my friend’s at school told me the reason people of a certain age think their school days were halcyon is because they have forgotten how truly rotten it all was. We were boarding school boys, paying for the highest education. Which in those days meant small class sizes and a rounded set of achievements based on an agreement between one’s parents and the teachers.

Thankfully my mother told them to leave me alone and they did not dare argue. My house master said my mother was the only person he would be reticent to argue with, and I blithely thought that was a compliment to her. Now I know she throws things when she is angry I am not so sure.

I did not like school. I did not like the way young minds were manipulated and I did not like the way sport was thrown down our throats. And if I start saying I did, will you kindly point me to this post, because my mind will start to play tricks on me at sometime and I may think I should have been President of America but for my lack of chances.


When we are lost…

Laughter is more than a friend. It is a personality we can always count on because it is ourselves, it is a voice we can always understand, a sense we can feel throughout our bodies, a need that brings its own fulfillment.

There is in laughters the relaxed knowledge of our own mortality, the sheer enjoyment of the moment, a profound understanding of the passing second, a memory that lives long after the laughter has gone. It is a cry against fate, armour against injustice, a welling up of our power against anything the world has to throw at us. Laughter is a homeless joke that finds a home, a pain that finds a panacea, a situation that acknowledges its luducrous nature before the nature of the Universe.

Laughter comes to us for no reason, leaves us all the better for the visit, lives with us on-and-0ff all our lives  without asking for a single thing in return. A true democrat, colour blind, blind-t0-class distinctions at home in the pit of war or the nursery, laughter is a gift.

And always it is a gift we can share.

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