So Many Opinions

I love the way the same facts can be presented to different people and they can all draw different conclusions. This is part of what makes us individuals – the assumptions we bring to every discussion. Principle among which is how good we are and how second rate others tend to be. I wonder if ego and vanity had not be a consequence of consciousness of self if the world would be intellectually stronger.

This isn’t me talking about fake news – we have always had that since before they put up stone stele telling everyone how benevolent an god-like their king was. This is not even about people believing in fairy tales such as we have never been the moon and 9/11 was a plot by the CIA. This is simply about how people see the world differently. How that difference feeds into what they understand by the words they hear.

I remember my theology teacher saying ‘ the thing is when Jesus was on the Cross do you believe he was also walking around Oxford?’ My tutorial partner, destined to become a priest, said yes instantly. Me? I thought I was sitting in the wing of a mad-house.

There is an old joke. Two Jewish men are stranded on a desert island. They build three synagogues. One each for themselves because they won’t go to the other man’s, and a third one which neither of them go to.

Difference too often means division.

Eye Of Needle

It Christian communities it has long been  debated what Jesus meant when he said a camel could pass through an eye of a needle more easily than a rich person can get into heaven. I  accept that all ‘holy’ writ has come down from the minds of people but it interests me to wonder what concerns richness in this context has for a species given over to the making of money?

Firstly I wonder why this was said if rich people can be good; most charities are started and often endowed by the rich, they do a lot of charitable work, community work and their taxes fund government work. Everyone needs money why forbid rich people the right to go to heaven? Yes the poor ‘suffer’ more than the rich but that isn’t a good reason to keep them out of heaven – after all where is forgiveness in all this?

My conclusion is that people were around when money was first minted and they saw it not as progress but as a deleterious system that bound everyone into its machinery. They could see that not everyone in the world could be rich, that there comes a time of balance when to be rich, someone else must become relatively poorer. The reason we miss this is because we have been busy inflating the system for ten thousand years. It is in fact a pyramid system.

I also think they realised that since everyone is in the system the rich do not make money, money is made for them by everyone else, they just direct it to their personal accounts. That being so there is a direct link to the four million children who die needlessly every year and the rich.

There is no bloodless money.

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