The Fear in Their Eyes

I have just watched a short film about Islam rising. I have never been one to follow crowds and have little interest in scaremongering but the obvious conclusion one draws is that nothing has changed.

When Cicero was spouting off about the Carthaginian  and finished every speech no matter what it was, about finishing them off so Rome could feel safe right down to today with these people ranting against the ranters in Islam the appalling truth is that we are all human, but we kill each other because we think we are unequally human.

I do not for one moment suppose there are not Muslims who want the whole world to be Muslim, just as some Christians want it Christian and like many a political philosophy homogeneity has a certain numbing absoluteness about it that is almost appealing as well as appalling, and I agree that there is no need for every country to be capitalist, though they all seem to want to be, but this endless talk of losing what we are when what we are in an amalgam of thousands of more years than we have in history, and influences that stretch around the globe, and when you see Islamic countries have as great a tension inside them for change from their people who just want to be free, as any Europe have to offer, it saddens one to listen to this modern fascist ‘locking-of-horns’ between men and women who think only they have a right to live.

Too Scared To Think

I was just watching a video that posits the ‘facts’ that the birth rate in Europe is an average 1.3 children per couple and that historically anything less than 1.9 is an irrecoverable birth rate leading to the decline and disappearance of a people. The UK is actually 1.8 and apparently America is even less. The video then goes on to explore the birth rate amongst Muslims as 8.1 and suggests we will all be Muslim countries within the century and some countries will be Muslim within twenty-five years.

Whilst this is of course a rallying cry to the women of the West to throw away the pill and diaphragm and have more children who will naturally enough be just as human as Muslim children but somehow more palatable to western tastes in politics,  the video tells me to check the facts because they are all true.

Whilst demographics  is always interesting, is this decline in Western supremacy something to be avoided or embraced? Is it actually what it seems to be? Veiled in the video is the ‘threat’ this poses, that somehow the great values of democracy will vanish with the ‘great unwashed’ taking over whole countries without firing a shot. There is no talk at all of the birth rates in China or India of the numbers of Buddhists in the world.

There wouldn’t be, the fear factor is all about Islam. It is absolutely true to say that Islam believes if the world were Islamic it would be a better world; it is absolutely false to suppose living in Western society doesn’t change views, customs and habits.

The world is changing but the bigot is not whoever the bigot’s parents are.

Cynical Me

Cynicism is deeply bound up with human ideas of practicality and in many ways feeds off our insular view of our ‘living conditions, in the widest possible meaning of that phrase.  So when someone says all politicians are corrupt they are referencing not only the history of political careers and how corrupt so very may have been, but also their own selves.  This is the manner of  being human, sexual and fiscal corruption at almost every level from the individual saving themselves a few pennies off a tax bill to a billionaire buying a politician.

The reasons for this art in corruption are not very complex. They stem from the individuals need to stay in command which is why it is not relegated only to the male gender. Commanding the uncertain is one of the most difficult intellectual activities and millions of people making millions of decisions every second makes it impossible to command them all so you have to resolve to command the system under which they all live.

Its done with money, sex and social status in more mature societies, and with the gun in less mature ones. Corruption starts with the very nature of what a human being is; an animal trying to be intellectual. We can give all sorts of reasons for being better than anyone else; even when we bow to the ground we don’t do so because we feel less but because we are afraid.

As North Africa is finding out, corruption has its limits.

The War Of Ages

It is the dilemma of generations. You don’t want to go to war but war is brought to your doorstep by others. And worse because politicians know people will do to war to defend their countries they can manipulate opinion to create and dress the enemy in just the right clothes to get a war of attrition which they view as a justifiable action.

There has never been peace between the Christianity and Islam, in part because they both commenced existence as exclusive religions. And just when the Empire phase of Islam was mutating as they always do to the academic, scientific and philosophical phase of redaction the Crusades were visited upon them which hardened their attitude still further.

Throughout the past one thousand years Islam and Christianity have had a religious contest that has brought about something of a political stalemate. Dwarfed by the military might of other countries Islam was ruled by French and British Empirical ambitions. And leaving behind corrupt monarchies when Britain finally left was not the best of ideas.

I once asked a friend why Latin America was not fighting a war with America as they had suffered far worse at the hands of American politics than the Muslim nations. My Latin American friend said, “Yes, but we are Christians.”

We may wish to see ourselves as very modern, as above the ills of a hundred years ago as beyond the inane decision making of war mongers down the ages.  And by ‘we’ I mean the whole human race.

But we are not.


It has been discussed in the West for generations that forgiveness is an important, if not often an overriding, characteristic of a civilised person. Being a generalised term this includes forgiveness of all people, or any state, for any crime. Which of course begs the description of what ‘crime’ means, it also requires thought about who is doing the forgiving.

The reason for this entry is the proposed siting of a Mosque near the site of the Two Towers in New York. Those agreeing to this idea cite the fact that Muslims are a part of American society and it is a statement to the terrorists that America is bigger than their narrow view of exclusive religious practice. There are probably other reasons given in private which are palliative to the American Muslim community who have the ability to strike inside America if they are alienated by more wars and since the war in Afghanistan is being lost, which threatens the loss of part of  Pakistan and future war with India on whose side the USA would naturally be, gestures are probably welcome.

However it should be said that every Empire takes its religion with it to further stamp its authority upon the vanquished. Christianity is a bond which links Latin America and Africa tightly to the West despite huge injustice. And no Mosque ever built is just a place of worship, it is like other religious places, an aspiration that the politics of the area will one day be fully Islamic.

The greatest gift we can give Islam is atheism.

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