My Son, My Son

The title of the book by Howard Spring, not much read these days, and a somewhat outdated treatment of an Irishman and an Englishman’s friendship and how their sons turn out, is my way of talking about two border issues. The devastation that would follow a hard border in Ireland and the diabolical traumatising of children of illegal immigrants by the Trump administration.

Put aside the fact borders should not exist and only exist because human beings are vile, untrustworthy and bellicose the idea that one takes a decision to make a border a dangerous place is absolute fascism.

This is where we are.

Semper Fidelis

I recall the Pope everyone loved going to Ireland in his Popemobile and telling them they were ‘always faithful’ in Latin (semper fidelis). So the march if the southern Irish to modern thinking and out of Catholic brainwashing is quite interesting.

But it started with the realisation that too many priests had been abusers for generations. And that in keeping with their rules on forgiveness the way of the hierarchy to handle known cases was to move the offender to a new posting, with obvious results.

Inherent in this was the not so surprising feeling that the people felt betrayed and they saw priests as naive more than wise, a complete turn around from centuries of teaching.

Understanding Anger

I see a few BDS advocates in Ireland apparently, taking items off the shelves that come from the Occupied territories/ Judaea & Samaria, while displaying Palestinian Flags. I wonder what it is they think they have achieved?

These items are not on sale and return. They have been imported on contract and the company that delivered them, or the shop they were stocked in, will pay for them which means, in order not to lose money, they will add the costs of the losses to the costs of other goods. Will they cease to stock these goods? That depends on head office or the local manager.

What you really need to do is stop the containers in the ports, or board the cargo planes. But that kind of disobedience takes real courage.

Goodbye Belfast, Hello Leeds

Some are surprised that the recent poll taken amongst those who voted to leave the EU discovered that to accomplish wholly leaving they would be happy to see Northern Ireland ditched as a part of the British Isles. I was not one as I knew this already from a conversation I had with relatives this New Year. Not only was I subject to outright racist views but they were more than happy to see the back of Ireland.

This is the kind of thinking you get when people degrade into bigotry. Nothing is held up as a greater ideal than the will to be the ‘nation’ they believe existed once. White, international, Great Britain with a huge fleet and able to win wars.

This thinking is so viral it has infected people of ethnic origins other than Norman, Angles, Celts and Saxons. And yet in the North they marched this week in support of remaining in the EU. Just.

What a nonsensical, prejudiced little pickle jar this once interesting country has become.

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