The Hours Of The Day

In the morning the air is fresh and young, the sun prepared to dazzle and amaze unless the clouds are stretching across the sky. Rest has gone and wakefulness comes to the mind but not the eyes and none of the dogs will move before you do.

All this has changed by the afternoon. The day has progressed and energy has been expended and a blissful ache comes to the muscles. The sun may be bright, the clouds may be parting, the rain may be falling, the news may have been terrible, but the body needs to take stock a while. Breathing is rhythmic and the ticks against all the work to do for the day have mounted.

Then the evening. The moon is back somewhere up there. The stars are welcome. The heat of the day and the exercise is almost over. Chairs have a comforting feel to them. Friends and drinks appear as if dropping from the sky. The air is cool as if it too were over-heated and over-used. The half eaten cake in the fridge can stay half eaten.

And the day reflects the years, and the years, lives. Everything seems to have its own energy level. And calls upon us in different ways to engage and in the difference there is more than change; there is wisdom.

Not to be always doing the same thing the same way. To vary the mood and alter the atmosphere.

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