Housing Crisis

The housing crisis in the UK is not what it seems. Just as homelessness is not a problem of the homeless.

In the 1980s to save money Thatcher closed down mental health units and talked about care in the community. Care in the community has been cut so vulnerable people are homeless…about 48% according to the BBC of those living on the streets have mental health issues. their predicament was created by Government,

The lack of affordable housing in the UK with 400,000 unbuilt projects for which planning permission exists is a problem created by economics and private building firms. The fewer houses the more expensive their portfolios become, the more they can borrow the higher their dividends.

The problem is not what is said but how we deal with each other. It is our lack of ethics in using money and economics that leads to problems. Nothing else.

The Cost of Capitalism

I wonder about our priorities. I am not the only one, almost anyone who sees the world of politics wonders to. It seems we are saddled with a system that is antithetical to ethics and nature. It exploits to make more money and the least ethical it is the greater the profits that can be made.

No one seems capable of seeing the hideous personality of capitalism because it gives them phones and movies and warmth in winter. But the best way to describe its depravity at present would be this.

In my lifetime, and possibly for at least the past 100 years, there has been the money within the systems to give every human being on earth access to fresh, clean water, a home and enough food to eat. I cannot even count the millions who have died from hunger, water borne diseases and lack of shelter in that time. There is the absolute cost of individuals making and keeping money, and not one of us has clean hands.

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