Something Mozart Forgot

I have been watching on you-tube some of the got talent franchise from around the world. Amongst the entertainers and outright show-offs there are some lightly talented people. Though I think the back-story to some of them and whole ‘show’ adds so much emotion to the whole saga one can hardly be objective.

However I wonder what would happen if a concert pianist heard me playing the piano, the sheer pain they would feel at how badly I use the pedals, how wrong fingered I can be, how naive my expressions. The reason being that the concert pianist is where they are because of their connection to their art, their expertise and it is real pain they would feel at my evisceration of music.

So imagine how writers who try to be innovative and distinct, search for the universal in the moment and the story that awakens as well as reveals, feel when they have to sit through most modern films.  The fact is they cannot. The regurgitated fodder fed to the public, the paucity of honesty, the sheer churning of themes so old they cannot wade them for another half hour.

The mediocre is everywhere one looks and all one can do is applaud the attempt because the result is utterly forgettable.

How Talented Are You?

Human beings have a series of gifts but many of us exhibit an aptitude with them superior to others. Many of us practice and become more adept and skilled than others. But when did the applause first turn someone’s head?

I think of this, watching the talent shows and seeing how emotionally wrought people are at the thought of losing.  I recall competitions when I was a teenager and feeling fairly down about losing but it was different for me: there as no money involved only kudos and the things I did were never going to define who I was and what I could do.

There are some of us who are good at things and we entertain in one way or another, by putting on a display for the rest of us to watch. But if these skills become how you define yourself then you are missing out on being a rounded human being. And that will lead you to problems because your emotions are invested in what you can do, not who you are. Sometimes we need to stop looking in a mirror and see someone else’s life, feel someone else’s emotions and remember we are all connected even if we don’t want to be.

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