Early Morning Meeting

It was bright and warm again this morning. There were a few lazy clouds in a mostly blue sky and the sunshine was just beginning to warm my face. The field had been cut last week and I climbed over the metal gate to see a fox on the far side.

It was sniffing around, probably fairly young; as I walked along the side of the field opposite. the fox didn’t see us. My rough collie, looking a little foxie herself, padded towards the fox, stopped veered back to me walked along with me, padded towards the fox, veered back to me and did this for half the length of the field. The fox never saw either of us. Just went on sniffing in its own little world.

And even more surprisingly a rabbit was moving, and yes it was a long way from the fox, but even so foxes come in pairs in this field but it seemed utterly ignorant that a few seconds run from it, its worst enemy after man was enjoying an after-meal investigation of the ground. I assume it had eaten for it took the longest time to notice it was not alone.

They have hunted foxes in the UK since they ran out of warthogs and wolves which they hunted to extinction. Some people only want to share the world with animals they can eat. But sharing life is the most precious of all things.

Good Morning Mr.Fox

Getting up early these days to take the dogs for a walk – I say dogs but my terrier has decided this is just too early and wraps up on the chair and refuses to move – I have started to see foxes. Or maybe just the one fox, in and around the fields.

A few days ago it was one with a crow in its mouth running by the field and climbing up into a hedge to eat its prey behind the dividing wire. I managed to get thirty metres away, up behind a tree without it seeing me, though when it did it ran away and left the prey behind.

Today I was throwing a  stick high in the air and a fox was running towards us in the middle of the field, saw the stick, my collie or me or all three and realised it was running towards us so changed course.  My collie is into running after rabbits – a half-hearted attempt because she wouldn’t know what to do with one if she outran it – and not into running after foxes.

However the loveliest was catching a fox unaware as we came round the corner and she barked, ran a few steps and bared again and to my right a few feet away a baby fox scampered up the hedge across the top and into the adjoining field.

Now if I could just stop them running away . . .

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