The Cost of Capitalism

I wonder about our priorities. I am not the only one, almost anyone who sees the world of politics wonders to. It seems we are saddled with a system that is antithetical to ethics and nature. It exploits to make more money and the least ethical it is the greater the profits that can be made.

No one seems capable of seeing the hideous personality of capitalism because it gives them phones and movies and warmth in winter. But the best way to describe its depravity at present would be this.

In my lifetime, and possibly for at least the past 100 years, there has been the money within the systems to give every human being on earth access to fresh, clean water, a home and enough food to eat. I cannot even count the millions who have died from hunger, water borne diseases and lack of shelter in that time. There is the absolute cost of individuals making and keeping money, and not one of us has clean hands.

The Horror Of Spectating

I wrote somewhere here about how I thought being a spectator at sports events was ridiculous because the whole idea of sports was to exercise and participate in the game though I left most criticism to sitting in front of the TV. I return to the topic because for most of the events on this world we are all spectators having no direct link with what we see and hear yet joining in its drama.

Yes a high number of American soldiers died tragically this week and a famine warning was given for Africa and I watched in horror. Not only do I do nothing but I sense a kindred nature in these two tragedies because all the deaths are not the consequence of individual stupidity, or a war or even the lack of food. They are the results of a system that is geared up to place the most aggressive human  beings in posts of leadership in countries and leaders adore giving orders.

Orders result in death. Every time we make a decision based upon average statistics those on the periphery will die. And just because we choose not to see it doesn’t make us less spectators. Famine is caused by nature and exacerbated by international trade. Wars are caused by arguments between human beings made worse by fiscal policies.

At least we are not expected to applaud.

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