Why Save Them

Many years ago a friend of mine from college made the faux pas of thinking babies came out feet first. Laughing my mother said ‘I don’t know why I am trying to teach you and he said ‘because it is evolutionary wise.’

Whenever you get frustrated at the ignorance you face or the fear people have of changing their minds, or the plain stupidity of what they are saying and they fight you as you try to tell them there are mirrors on the moon used by university physics departments all over the world for experiments using lasers, or that racism shows their lack of empathy or eating animals shows their lack of ethics…just remember without you there is no evolution in our thinking.

The Divisive Logic

Human beings have brains. A natural evolution stemming from the creation of a nervous system, which we find is all higher animals. The assumption from this fact is to suggest we are ruled by these brains.

So what rules the brain?

I am not sure of the order of importance but my list includes: the need to eat, the need to survive,the need to sleep,the need to have status, the need to feel wanted, the need to procreate … the point is the things that rule our brains have no reasoning behind them, just the evolutionary necessity that helps the human survive in society and in nature.

Now we have these aspects of our being we rationalise them, after the fact. We have to deal everyday with our animal selves, not our thinking selves. In this is the core deficiencies in our dealings with each other and the world around us.

My Theory, Your Poison

There is much discussion going on in America and in other centres of religious devotion, about Evolution versus intelligent design. On the periphery are those who accept evolution but believe it to be the mechanism used by a god to make life. And pointing to leaps in the evolutionary chain and other things, they even suggest god manipulates this mechanism when s/he is of a mind.

If you read earlier writers it is interesting to note how many of them say that everything has its place in nature. But instead of investigating that idea they put it down to their creator’s choice. And that’s the point. It is ‘their’ creator. Scientists today who want to maintain a deity say no one knows what kick-started it all off nor does science have any explanations for the meta-physicality of existence.

I am reminded of studying the history for western philosophy and a fellow student telling me most of the thinkers were anxious to put god into their explanations of existence. It was an absolutely conscious decision. From Descartes all the way through to the lucid Kant who saw explanations for god as either too easy to refute to too hard to grasp.

If, however, there really is a god, then s/he will be in the equations. There is no way they cannot be. But if there is not a god no amount of wishing, desire or belief will conjure one up.

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