I Am A European

I see once again the suggesting is being mooted that the British be given the chance to be citizens of Europe when the UK leaves the EU. It would be good to be a citizen rather than a subject, which is what we are this being a monarchy. But this fractures the UK even more.

We cannot leave the EU. Northern Ireland won;t allow us to. All we can do is leave the top table, have a semblance of what the Brexit camp really wanted, and never be part of the decision making process which governs all our lives in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Scotland will stay in the Union because of the soft Brexit and its Parliament will lobby for years to come to make ties with the EU that do allow it to have a say in legislation. Million of people who wanted Brexit will be divided from the millions who take our European Citizenship with a view to the UK being part of the EU in ten years time.

Cornwall is lost in its own stupidity, Wales has dug another useless hole in its political ground and England has sold itself to the revenge seeking Gove and fucked-out Johnson.

What a mess.

Fear and Loathing in the UK

Everyone who phones into radio shows is an expert in a field other than the one they are talking about. This appears to be the new appreciation of society developed in people through universal education.

I have lost count of the numbers of people I have seen writing about the EU or speaking about it who actually know much about it. Everything that is wrong with the UK they blame on the EU but not their own limited world view or limited knowledge. They cannot speak about the international rules of trade, they have no figures on the numbers needed to keep business healthy in the UK, they know only they don’t want foreigners and their local factory was closed down in the last 40 years.

But truly it is remarkable that the Conservative party, that has existed on two foundation stones its entire existence, to stay in power and maintain the monarchy, has managed to have 17 million people blame austerity and the lack of affordable housing onto the EU and not onto Thatcher’s legacy.

They certainly know how to educate the masses in the Conservative clubs of England.

To be great again

We can make Britain great again.

I read and listened to the thinkers who rule us as they squirmed their way to the lousiest, most retrograde step taken by this country in a thousand years. We were more honest when we just invaded Europe and as dishonest when we vied with the other empires for dominance of seas and lands across the globe.

I have often thought politicians when they retires suddenly become interesting and I listened to William Hague recently talk of the UK as the ‘hinge’ between mainland Europe and the USA, A hinge that Brexit has made unhinged as all we can think about it how to leave in stead of doing the thing that made us able to call ourselves great – to be the conduit of political might between the USA and the rest of Europe. An interesting word.

Now the thinkers and trained minds of the UK will leave to take up careers in other countries who can supply them not just with a salary – most rich countries can do that – but with a liberal access to the world not based on trade but on building one world together. Which is, of course, the liberal agenda.

England has given way to tribalism of the worse kind. The shackles she take son now are of Queen and country, and they are no less burdensome than Brussels.

One Step Forward We All Fall Down

I have been following (it seems for most of my life) the paroxysms of the Conservative Party over Europe. Stemming as they do from men and women who live in history, the ineluctable arguments to leave the European Union bubble up through the ranks on a regular basis, spewing out on the floor of the House of Commons, wrong footing party leaders.

In the main there are those who see Europe as a bind, as an ancient enemy and would much rather ally themselves to America. The European union is mainland Europe’s answer to war and as the British like to remind everyone, but for the UK Europe would be Nazi today. The idea that the UK also has to pay good money to Belgium and be told what to do by men and women who were elected by Italians, French and Germans, rankles like a vomitory medicine. There are of course, millions of Commonwealth citizens who feel the same way about the UK.

I was a great fan of the Star Trek ideas of human beings having no countries and no need of personal wealth apart from intellectual, but we are a long, long way from any such ideas in the Conservative Party. It is a party of privilege and most importantly for them, of personal property. The UK is personal property and they don’t want anyone else ruling over it even with interesting and worthwhile laws.

The idea of one world is anathema to them unless it is ruled by a business in which they own shares.

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