Division is to Avoided

There is an idea that a second referendum would be deeply divisive to the national psyche. Far better to make the best of things and remain united.

This is by far the daftest idea I have yet read in the debate on Brexit.

In the first instance this country is already deeply divided on this issue and there will be a second referendum in two years or twenty but at some stage a wiser generation will rejoin the EU because working together and binding ourselves to each other prevents war and enriches all the citizens.

Secondly what sane person allows a series of lies and the resurgence of nationalism go unchallenged? The brightest future every country has is to become inextricably linked to every other country. Alone they are like starving wolves trying to pick each other off at the slightest show of weakness.

I Am A European

I see once again the suggesting is being mooted that the British be given the chance to be citizens of Europe when the UK leaves the EU. It would be good to be a citizen rather than a subject, which is what we are this being a monarchy. But this fractures the UK even more.

We cannot leave the EU. Northern Ireland won;t allow us to. All we can do is leave the top table, have a semblance of what the Brexit camp really wanted, and never be part of the decision making process which governs all our lives in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Scotland will stay in the Union because of the soft Brexit and its Parliament will lobby for years to come to make ties with the EU that do allow it to have a say in legislation. Million of people who wanted Brexit will be divided from the millions who take our European Citizenship with a view to the UK being part of the EU in ten years time.

Cornwall is lost in its own stupidity, Wales has dug another useless hole in its political ground and England has sold itself to the revenge seeking Gove and fucked-out Johnson.

What a mess.

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