We Sold Our Ethics

A long time ago we created money. About five thousand years ago and in that time money have proven it can build anything but humans have successively become incapable of doing anything without money. The economic system is now a straight-jacket holding us back. There are multitudes of interesting, better inventions that could make cheap energy, good food, clean water and we put them all on hold to keep business afloat.

We know what it best to do. We always have people who have the knowledge to advise us. We rarely do it. We pretend what we do is wise, we suborn our better natures to the system, we go along with the general view and we agree with the lies we are told because the lies make our living with ourselves easier.

We ceased to question. And in the same, strange, ridiculous way an army surrenders when its leader is killed or tells them to, as if all the reasons for fighting vanish with the loss of a general, so too will money vanish but the army it leaves behind will barely be able to feed itself and it will have no home to go to. Economics is fundamentally anti-nature and we have ceased to believe we can live without it.


The capitalist system has always relied upon exploiting resources to keep the flow of capital within the community. It is this need which drives some historians to propose Empire building, invasion of neighbouring countries, is a capitalist venture. And before you suggest other regimes have done the same, let’s just say the economic system is capitalist whatever regime is stuck on the top of it.

This continual consumption cannot continue in a finite planet so we are looking to mine asteroid and meteors and other planets. In other words to keep the system we need to increase the available resources.

In the meantime the available resource that presents itself is humanity itself. In the same way that money makes money, so the system created to benefit making society work, now feeds off the instincts of the population. The baser the instinct, the more secure the cash flow.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Free Lunches

I return to a point that always saddens and annoys me. People so indebted to the economic system that they say there is ‘No such thing as a free lunch.’

They are not entitled to say this unless  they are scientists. we are all aware that energy has to be expended to get energy. But in economics all one is ever entitled to say is there ‘ is no such ting as a free lunch within the system.’ And there is a reason this is never said. because the system is so encompassing those who benefit most from it want to make us all think it is a way of life, unalterable and by some design, ‘the way things are.’

There is no invoice for the planet earth, the entirety of everything here is a free gist to us. The economic system itself feeds off a free lunch. Economics is a description of our poor thinking, our lack of altruism and our greed in our dealings with each other. Nothing else.

For What It’s Worth

We have an insidious value system, into which everyone is plugged, that relies on economics to judge the worth of things. We tell each other, of course, that is not how we value each other as people, but the system doesn’t value us in any other way.

In fact we have come to the place where we are not warring as peoples, but warring as the system declines. I recall 1984 and how the warring parties in the world changing their propaganda about each other as they intermittently become allies or enemies. The system of economics we have created is at war with nature, and, as such, at war with our ethical values.

It takes a great deal to ensure those who are capable of seeing this are kept blind or quiet. The weight of the system on the shoulders of everyone to be accounted for, is huge and our value to that system infinitesimal as individuals.

Art is the struggle for a voice in the crowd.

The Genius of the Monetary System

It has taken thousands of years to reach its present degree of sophistication and to keep going I am sure the mathematicians will be employed to come up with yet further structural instruments. But underlying the system we all live under and feel constrained by and often beaten and battered by, there lies a brilliant device. The entire system relies on love.

I am told an army runs on the bonds between individual units of soldiers who train together and who depend upon each other for their lives. These units can be as few as four individuals.

So society depends upon families. Family bonded by the love between parents, the love for children, bonded together and for each other they get their heads down and plough through the rocky ground that is our economic system. They work are pensioned and perish beneath a system they despise for the love of each other, to never let each other down.

You could not design a system that imprisons so exquisitely. It could only evolve until people think it is all there is.


It is little wonder the population think they have limited power when they work for forty years towards one goal only to have the money they set aside and the goal move due to circumstance and government. One wonders what the governments were doing with all the money their populations were earning for decades that they managed to destroy so many people’s retirements so absolutely.

In the past people used to think leaders took wealth for themselves and it was the aim or being a leader to end up rich. When I was at university I was appalled at how so many of the brightest minds in the country only wanted to be merchant bankers; as if we are trained to think accruing wealth is the ultimate aim of all human beings. Even when we know this is not true and we go to study more about the universe where our future homes will be found we still glue the work to a salary.

And to create that salary we need to always grow as a population into the resources of the Earth for economics cannot be static. Economics only works as long as the economy grows. They said once you do not fight the new war by the rules of the last war, and we have to learn that the economics that has past was a place of rich resources and growing populations. We have murdered each other in our millions to assure new countries and renewed wealth.

The new economics will be a stagnant, difficult and eventually broken system.

History And Future

We know an increasing amount about how human beings work as groups, the kinds of stresses they face as individuals and how reason and nature play off together. We know enough to counsel people and help them through trauma and loss, we know enough to write books that they read to help them understand ‘themselves’.

Historian have no trouble at all in looking back through the threads of human thoughts and tracking ideas and strands through thousands of years. It is fascinating to see how ideas have been found, lost, found in another part of the world, added to and finally become mainstream in modern societies.

Given this, why is it that politicians only plan for the next few years? Why is it a tyrant plans for his lifetime, grooming a son to carry on the tyranny later in his life? What is so difficult about planning for the next hundred years? After all we all want to get through the next hundred years as countries, as a species and some of us as individuals.

The problem is we do not plan for ourselves. All the planning that goes on is chained to planning for the banks, and economics has no long term planning needs it is always a short term fix.  We may want to dream about having space colonies in a thousand years time, but economics can only see the market trends of the next decade at most.

You cannot plan for the future with a myopic system.

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