The Future Can Handle It

In Victorian England they used to love feathers in their hats so such so they brought large birds to the brink of extinction, with no worry about what they were doing. Hungry sailors wiped out large sea animals not used to be speared and hauled into ships as part of their evolution.

It wasn’t the ideas of the age that made them ignorant, it is how human beings interact with nature. Henry Ford and his cabal pushed for oil to be used for the motor engine over ethanol. If we had all been running on ethanol for the past 100 years we would not have such a problem with climate change.

All over the world leaders tell us ‘science’ will find the answers. But the only answers any of them want are how to continue making lots of money out of the planet. That’s the first and most important change that has to come, put nature first.

What Can We Do?

It’s an old refrain in the face of the great problems of the world and, of course, the standard answer is to do what you can. Every little helps. Something that takes a strong will and dedication to purpose. And getting organised to make political changes is not always that easy either, and the changes take decades because there is nothing more conservative or desiring of the status quo than economics.

There is a mind game you can play. If all the world vanished and all that was left was you, how much of the culture, history and thoughts of the human race would exist? You have a brain that is more complex than the patterns of the galaxies in the cosmos and one would assume you could have most of it squirreled away in your brain.

At least the highlights. And if you have those and live by them, the world would already be better than it is.

Nothing Is Free

I mean this is the Physics of things that everything takes energy. I have dealt elsewhere on my thoughts about money and the nonsense of the financial system in human affairs.

But I am fascinated by physical systems and how one thing feeds off another, a law that has worked its way into the realms of life as all life feeds off other life. It seems so central to our universe that we almost ignore it and take for granted the way in which reason can ameliorate an otherwise impersonal law like this. Preferring as we do to not think about it as it would take too much energy and bring about huge compromises in our own selfish behaviour to act in such a way as to limit what life dies so that we might continue to live.

As far as Physics is concerned though the earth is going to die and bits of our solar system one day may collide with others and set off a chain reaction that will develop a new sun. Without us dying that new sun may never be created. The idea of dying is different for living beings than it is for matter as a whole, or so it seems. But we have no idea if atoms can feel pain. Or even if that observation has any validity outside of sentient life. All we know is that atoms make up everything.

For all we know the universe is screaming in agony.

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