To Be Lost Is Not To Lose

It takes a while to know what we really want in this life. Even those who know early on don’t always get it right, don’t always get on the right path immediately and don’t always find out it was exactly what they wanted. Mostly because we all have to learn about oursleves before we really understand how to make our lives work. Self realisation is such an important part of our experiences that we spend a lot of time on self-help books and working out just how human beings function.

Although it is itself a small industry there is a sense in which we are only looking for who we are because most of what we are taught sets us off on the wrong pathway to begin with. We learn to ‘do’ before we learn to be. We are trained to be part of soemthing becore we understand ourselves. This is not wise though it makes great economic sense.

It worries me that some people lose themselves in the midst of society trying so hard to be what society wants them to be without touching who they are. Continually at odds with their natures and the pressures of conforming.

Catch A Falling Star

I was involved in a discussion about supporting your children in their dreams, no matter what those dreams are. I looked back on my childhood and remember my mother being very positive about all the things I hoped to do, and in the interplay of families I took on a few of her dreams too.

But she had nothing on her father who when one of his sons said he wanted to be a doctor came home with an entire set of a medical encyclopedia and promptly gave them to a ten year old.

Dreams are important but even more so is to help children understand that some of their dreams are put into their heads by others. To dream of ‘status’ is not as worthy as dreaming of giving happiness not for any ethical reasons or the airy-fairy nature of happiness, but because wanting to be looked-up to is only a hormonal driven desire whilst wanting to find happiness in the chaotic stream of events which make up life, is tantamount to wisdom.

Most dreams we have seem to centre of who we will be amidst all the others busily being. Intellectually that is of no importance. Become a doctor and ignore how you are looked-up in society, become a lawyer and ignore how you are admired in society, become a President and ignore the kudos.

Dream of self worth.

Once Upon A Time . . .

there was a dream and a dreamer for all dreams need dreamers and all dreamers need dreams. And the dream was in colour because life is in colour, only thoughts can be black and white. And the colours were all the colours you would expect because they were images of real colours. And all the people in the dream were real people and looked like real people and spoke like real people. And the places and events looked like real places and seemed based upon real places.

And everything was just as you expect it to be.

Except this wasn’t a human being dreaming.  But human beings being dreamed about. And in the dream human beings did all the things they always do and one could ask, how could anyone who was not a human being dream so clearly about being human? But the dreamer wasn’t dreaming about being human, the dreamer was dreaming about all the things it knew, all the things it had seen.

For the dreamer was a zoo animal, and in its dreams were all the things that humans are and all the colours that the world is for the dreams are its only freedom. And in our dreams we may all dream as we please.

And only human beings who cannot dream would not understand.

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