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Decisions have always been taken by rich people who influence public policy and therefore, change the way society as a whole functions. Ford and his cabal enforced the use of oil on the motor industry because it would make them richer and alcohol was banned because those who knew could run their engines on it. The Enclosures in England served the will of the King and his friends but divested the population of rights to walk and use huge stretches of land.

Political Parties across the West are acting in similar ways, prepared to advertise their way into power instead of persuading by reason, and putting into place objectives they did not share with the voters and ones they did have in the manifesto sometimes never appear. Never have political parties acted more like cabals than now.

Yet the population gets hung up on sport, on the fashionable movie of the day, on emotional roller coasters designed to keep them eating popcorn while their society is wrecked and nature denuded. And there is why. God taught people everything had its place and they could not change things but it was alright, he as on their side in Heaven. Money teaches people it can be no other way.

Apathy rules us.

Jane Fonda

It was interesting listening to Jane Fonda on the BBC World Service. She spends some time knocking on doors canvassing  for the Democrats – or at least against the Republican Party. And she has discovered there are many people whom the Democrats under Clinton and Obama, left behind. She partly blames those administrations for the present Trump debacle.

But I wonder if this popular representation of the narrative is actually right. For whatever reasons, many sociological tell us, in every modern western country has 3% of people who are members of right wing parties on a permanent basis. These people never change their minds. Racism itself is prevalent in every class and there exists today a laissez-faire antisemitism  across the board.

Add this natural antipathy for foreigners with economic downturns in a world in love with money, and you have people who think they have been forgotten. Systems are not interested in anyone, not kings nor street sweepers. What has happened is that poor people have been told what to believe and they believe it. No political party is at fault – the system itself is broken. What have the been told? They have been told that someone is in charge.

That is why voting for any party is a wasted vote as they both serve the system and so nothing changes.

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