Cornwall at its Best

Awoke a 5.30 am and had some tea, got Queenie a brisk walk up the hill then we drove to the beach. At 7 am in the morning with the lowest tide due at around 8am, there were very few people on a mile of beach. In fact when I turned round at the end for half the time walking back I was alone with my dog, the sun was bright though the air was chilly and the sand stretched away.

Back home when I started to clean out the shed to enable me to move quickly when I sell the house it started to pour with rain and I didn’t have a coat but I had to get the petrol mower stored.

So a day of lonely beach and rain. A perfect Cornish day 🙂


I went to Daymer Bay in Cornwall today because they were queuing at the car park in Rock. Sitting in cars waiting to park. One lady was reading a book. I wonder if that is what they come to Cornwall for and why they accept that as a part of their holiday.

Then I realised that they mostly come down from cities. Disaffected from nature as city dwellers are they have no understanding of what true countryside is. If they see a hundred cars it is far less than they would see in car parks in major cities; fifty cars going down a road an hour is peace and quiet to them; crowds all part of living.

But these things have killed the rural nature and they no longer even know what quiet, empty countryside means. Nor, sadly, do I. You have to get up at 5 am  every few weeks to get a lonely beach.

This Time Of Year

I never thought of using a weblog as a diary but this week has been divided equally between some lovely warm weather followed by a few chilly days mixed with rain. The farmers were our last week spreading nitrogen onto the grass for a quick growth burst ready for cutting in June if the weather holds, to make silage. Others just have cows grazing with no addition on the grass which whilst healthier for the cows and people reduces some of the bulk growing farmers like when they sell their cows to the abattoir. Since none of the cows here are locked in barns all their short lives I suppose I should not grumble on their behalf.

However the wonderful experience I had on Tuesday morning, on a blustery morning, was to walk Daymer Bay beach at 6 in the morning to 7 in the morning and have it all to myself – worth remembrance in our crowded world. I saw one man running his dog on the cliff side and met another as I was leaving. Otherwise no one was out and the dogs loved it. It was neither lonely, nor cold just perfect.

It would have been even more fun if the cows from these fields had been moving around enjoying some sand but they never get the chance any more. We have forgotten how plentiful nature used to be.

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