Blueskin Saves America

The third book in the Blueskin series is now in pre-publication. Gabriela Sepulveda has once again created eight beautiful water colours to go with the crazy story of how Blueskin is reincarnated into the American War of Independence against the British.

Once there with his special skills, a very intelligent, though hungry, collie and some highly trained horses he joins forces with a black man and a native American and together they watch the British spy and try to save Washington from being captured.

The title has a resonance I never dreamed about when I started the story. We hope to launch in the USA this summer.

For JB

There is an ambience in my lover’s
Room which even in this stillness feeds my
Imagination, seeds the bed covers
With anticipated motion and lies
The f loor with nakedness, enticing sounds
Only our ears hear to reverberate
Around the walls, till energy abounds
And two bodies moist and insatiate
Taste the air, feed on eyelid closeness, cap
The rhythm of the turning earth and turn
In time around the sun like an hour wrapped
In living, which is able to affirm

That souls may kiss and minds like limbs entwine
And time decants like any other wine.


The Love Poems of Daniel Nanavati

I am born

The free site I was using was awful. Kept breaking the connection and in the past week vanished altogether for days. Finally managed to pay for the next three years here and created a new site.

I have a new domain too

To My Future Readers

I lived – air on tongue, light on hair, skin sea
Touched, fingers horse maned, tired eyes soft-pillowed
A last loving, wall builder drinking tea
In a garden rich with roses, willowed.
My dirt hands wrote and dug, planted in ink
Seeded commas and sentences, infant
Words grown from experiences, thought-linked,
Stained in the grain of the woods, indifferent.
I lived. Saw the dead rotting from war waste
Hasty hatred sucking at lives like sweets
As if there were some glory in the taste
Mouth-rimmed like newborns at their mother’s teats.

You live – and have seen what I’ve never seen
And taken my words where I’ve never been.



From ‘Loves’ a series of modern sonnets on the theme of love by Daniel Nanavati

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