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So we have a video from a writer saying CO2 is not the only factor in climate change, that ice ages have existed in the past with more CO2 in the atmosphere than today. And an Italian saying that the USA had recovered fully from the banking crisis and Europe has not so Europe is dying.

The irony of these people denying experts when they want to and then purporting to be one is not lost on anyone but really, all they are doing, is not putting an opposing view or any view at all other than the politics of humanity and the balancing act of nature are intensely complex.

Stop taking a side. When we do that we all lose. Try to encompass every bit of evidence.

The Future Can Handle It

In Victorian England they used to love feathers in their hats so such so they brought large birds to the brink of extinction, with no worry about what they were doing. Hungry sailors wiped out large sea animals not used to be speared and hauled into ships as part of their evolution.

It wasn’t the ideas of the age that made them ignorant, it is how human beings interact with nature. Henry Ford and his cabal pushed for oil to be used for the motor engine over ethanol. If we had all been running on ethanol for the past 100 years we would not have such a problem with climate change.

All over the world leaders tell us ‘science’ will find the answers. But the only answers any of them want are how to continue making lots of money out of the planet. That’s the first and most important change that has to come, put nature first.

I Don’t Believe What You Believe

I was listening to Noam Chomsky (well someone has to) about how the major companies in the US and around the world who have a vested interest have tried to make out that climate change is a liberal hoax. Besides the fact that he states they have largely been successful the first thing I thought about was Putin in Russia blaming the terrorist outrage that killed hundreds of children as vaguely ‘inspired by Western interests’. In order apparently to divert attention away from the fact that the soldiers in the army fired first.

It is amazing to me that we lie like this but even more, when we lie about something that is actually dangerous, like climate change, and we know it’s a lie what are we doing? Chomsky says the leaders of the companies have an institutional way of thinking and that means making sure nothing happens that adversely effects short-term profits. Isn’t that kind of lying what caused the banking crisis?

We are dangerously close to the general public revolting round the world against those who have vested interests in the financial system because they are consistently sacrificing honesty and the rest of their population for personal wealth. Yes I know they have always done so – but not to highly educated and well-informed masses. The change that Marx once predicated in industrialized society might well be closer than people think.

High End Geophysics

Someone once told me that if you read anything or hear anything in the political sphere, before answering one should ask the question, ‘Who benefits?’ Who benefits from me knowing this, who benefits from this happening, who benefits if this becomes law etc. So when people criticize the Climate Change science I always ask this question and there is only one answer. Because if Climate Change is activated by our activity it is our economic activity that generates it so making money benefits from Climate Change not being due to human activity.

I have just watched the American Geophysics Lecture, http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm09/lectures/lecture_videos/A23A.shtml, and listened to the discussion on how far the science has progressed that links CO2 emissions with temperature, taking in the Ordovician glaciation and the Mioecene spike. For once I heard scientists talking science, talking sedimentary deposits and probabilities and how CO2 looks like the best answer to several known problems.

So jaundiced have people become that when people say scientists make most of this up, to protect their salaries, they are believed. This is to misunderstand the scientific mind and the love of knowledge displayed by so many. I have some of the original copies of the first Ecologist magazine dating from the early 1970s. One of the first articles was about Climate Change.

Temperature and CO2 fluctuations strongly support each other, as strongly as business people and politicians support each other. It isn’t 100% for sure but as close as makes no difference. And we pump CO2 into the atmosphere which helps release ancient CO2 locked in rocks and the total CO2 we could emit over the coming centuries  could see temperatures average 37°.

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