So Many Opinions

I love the way the same facts can be presented to different people and they can all draw different conclusions. This is part of what makes us individuals – the assumptions we bring to every discussion. Principle among which is how good we are and how second rate others tend to be. I wonder if ego and vanity had not be a consequence of consciousness of self if the world would be intellectually stronger.

This isn’t me talking about fake news – we have always had that since before they put up stone stele telling everyone how benevolent an god-like their king was. This is not even about people believing in fairy tales such as we have never been the moon and 9/11 was a plot by the CIA. This is simply about how people see the world differently. How that difference feeds into what they understand by the words they hear.

I remember my theology teacher saying ‘ the thing is when Jesus was on the Cross do you believe he was also walking around Oxford?’ My tutorial partner, destined to become a priest, said yes instantly. Me? I thought I was sitting in the wing of a mad-house.

There is an old joke. Two Jewish men are stranded on a desert island. They build three synagogues. One each for themselves because they won’t go to the other man’s, and a third one which neither of them go to.

Difference too often means division.

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