This Is The Problem

It could be the Russians, they are more than capable of these murders. It could be the UK Security Services working to make life difficult for the Russians who have swamped London with criminal riches. MI6 is quite capable of arranging for such a  show. It could be the CIA playing dirty tricks as a way of getting to the Russians as the White House seems to have been bought up by Putin.

All are possible. Which you choose, or which variety of conspiracy you vote for, is largely up to your existing perception of the world of dirty politics. It isn’t even up to wondering which is the more likely as, going on past experience, they are all as likely as each other.

As Putin is no more than a Cossack crook I would go for the Russians having a vendetta against old friends. But then there is a whole nest of thoughts about how other countries will play this fact to their advantage. That’s the trouble with dangerous games, they get more and more complex as time goes on.

Spy vs Spy

In the great old days of the 1970s MAD Magazine was an oasis of improper thoughts, wild suggestions, satire and ribald wisdom of the type they would have recognised in the days of Hogarth. Amongst the funniest was spy vs spy, a cartoon in which a black clad spy and a white clad spy battled it out with ridiculous pranks, bigger and bigger armaments and deadly intent.

Of course it was an eye being cast upon the KGB and CIA and the deadly games they played but today, as two people lie ill in a hospital in London, the old game seems to have come back to haunt us. Putin’s Russia doesn’t take prisoners and the UK, ever the obedient servant to the USA, may even as we speak, be covering up their part in this ex-spy’s predicament.

However dangerous these games are they are still games and while a spy may take on the risks knowingly we are all in the firing line for what these men and women do.

So Many Opinions

I love the way the same facts can be presented to different people and they can all draw different conclusions. This is part of what makes us individuals – the assumptions we bring to every discussion. Principle among which is how good we are and how second rate others tend to be. I wonder if ego and vanity had not be a consequence of consciousness of self if the world would be intellectually stronger.

This isn’t me talking about fake news – we have always had that since before they put up stone stele telling everyone how benevolent an god-like their king was. This is not even about people believing in fairy tales such as we have never been the moon and 9/11 was a plot by the CIA. This is simply about how people see the world differently. How that difference feeds into what they understand by the words they hear.

I remember my theology teacher saying ‘ the thing is when Jesus was on the Cross do you believe he was also walking around Oxford?’ My tutorial partner, destined to become a priest, said yes instantly. Me? I thought I was sitting in the wing of a mad-house.

There is an old joke. Two Jewish men are stranded on a desert island. They build three synagogues. One each for themselves because they won’t go to the other man’s, and a third one which neither of them go to.

Difference too often means division.

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