Division is to Avoided

There is an idea that a second referendum would be deeply divisive to the national psyche. Far better to make the best of things and remain united.

This is by far the daftest idea I have yet read in the debate on Brexit.

In the first instance this country is already deeply divided on this issue and there will be a second referendum in two years or twenty but at some stage a wiser generation will rejoin the EU because working together and binding ourselves to each other prevents war and enriches all the citizens.

Secondly what sane person allows a series of lies and the resurgence of nationalism go unchallenged? The brightest future every country has is to become inextricably linked to every other country. Alone they are like starving wolves trying to pick each other off at the slightest show of weakness.

Goodbye Belfast, Hello Leeds

Some are surprised that the recent poll taken amongst those who voted to leave the EU discovered that to accomplish wholly leaving they would be happy to see Northern Ireland ditched as a part of the British Isles. I was not one as I knew this already from a conversation I had with relatives this New Year. Not only was I subject to outright racist views but they were more than happy to see the back of Ireland.

This is the kind of thinking you get when people degrade into bigotry. Nothing is held up as a greater ideal than the will to be the ‘nation’ they believe existed once. White, international, Great Britain with a huge fleet and able to win wars.

This thinking is so viral it has infected people of ethnic origins other than Norman, Angles, Celts and Saxons. And yet in the North they marched this week in support of remaining in the EU. Just.

What a nonsensical, prejudiced little pickle jar this once interesting country has become.

It’s All About Housing

I spent some time with family – unusual for me as, though I have family, I have not really engaged with them for most of my adult life. The reasons are simple enough I consider my mother a brilliant artist and they can’t stand her.

I found out they all voted to leave the EU. Now my cousin, who is bright, knows the EU is not to blame for all the ills in this country but, as he said, he had to protest somehow and this was the most effective protest he could make against his own government.

I can get that. My aunt though, dislikes immigrants taking all the houses because they have large families, leaving local people homeless or in expensive accommodation. It’s an excuse I have heard a lot and it is pure racism, which she admits. But it underlines how vital a good and fair housing policy really is for a stable society.

Your Revolution Isn’t Mine

I hear people telling me the economic system is rigged in favour of the rich and the poor are forgotten and made even poorer. This is part of the reason Trump and Brexit have happened.

The reason why advertising on a grand scale – what we call propaganda – works is because educational standards are so low people are not empowered or brave enough enough to see though the messages they are being sold and investigate the facts. This lack of ability is why many have argued these things have happened because of a lack of intellect in the voters.

Since the education system has always been a football kicked around by the politicians, this is to be expected. A country that votes the way journalists tell them too is hardly one with much intellect. A country that believes the TV does not understand the filtering process. A  country that thinks greatness lies in history when history is dead, and it is how history informs the living that matters is one destined to make the errors of the past.

The funny thing is, these voters are more followers than those they argue against for those who did not vote for Trump and did not vote for leaving the EU in the UK, want the world to change into something it has never been. So new it scares the under-educated.

Building Bridges

There are real bridges and psychological bridges. I was interested to read Boris Johnson wants to build a bridge to France and the irony is not lost. Actually vile irony would be a better description.

The bridge building between societies that Europe so desperately needed, has been shocked and beaten by Brexit and, if the European Union is a system of control , so is every government. Control is what government is for and about in our world because those at the top need to control. No one has ever tried a society where everyone is allowed to be their creative selves, wherever that creativity takes them. No one knows what that kind of society would look like.

Now the architect of division wants  areal bridge between two countries with a fractured relationship. I don’t quite know where Boris left his intellect. Somewhere on the desk where he write two articles, one pro and one anti Brexit, his honesty died.

I Am A European

I see once again the suggesting is being mooted that the British be given the chance to be citizens of Europe when the UK leaves the EU. It would be good to be a citizen rather than a subject, which is what we are this being a monarchy. But this fractures the UK even more.

We cannot leave the EU. Northern Ireland won;t allow us to. All we can do is leave the top table, have a semblance of what the Brexit camp really wanted, and never be part of the decision making process which governs all our lives in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Scotland will stay in the Union because of the soft Brexit and its Parliament will lobby for years to come to make ties with the EU that do allow it to have a say in legislation. Million of people who wanted Brexit will be divided from the millions who take our European Citizenship with a view to the UK being part of the EU in ten years time.

Cornwall is lost in its own stupidity, Wales has dug another useless hole in its political ground and England has sold itself to the revenge seeking Gove and fucked-out Johnson.

What a mess.

What We Are Told

The ploy of redacting important information before giving it to a Parliamentary Committee underlines all we have come to expect after 5,000 years of rule by those who enjoy ruling: they wish to always control the flow of information.

They were caught out when printing presses were created and for all we know, they didn’t like the egalitarian nature of clay tablets, and now they are trying to rein in Internet provisions. China and turkey are not alone in determining what users in their countries can and cannot access.

It isn’t that the Conservative Party have done this to steam roller the country into the Napoleonic trenches favoured by Brexiteers, it is that they trumpet freedom at every turn. I would have more time for liberal tyranny if they admitted what they were and not pretended to be Father Christmas.

No Feelings?

Yesterday 313 MPs in the British Government, in the age of Jane Goodall voted that animals have no emotions and no feelings. To put that in context for you, this is pure Catholic teaching, a church which also tells us they have souls.

The self serving nature of this vote is obvious, we need to experiment on animals and kills them to make money. The ignorance of this vote in an age of DNA and the wide research  sometimes done by killing the individual animal – into rain chemistry – proves we are all related. Proves that higher order animals have synapses which make connections just as we do. You only have to see altered behaviours such as elephants breaking the tusks of their dead, to know they know.

But 313 MPs in Westminister don’t care about science they only care about power and money. The true nature of a human being lies in how they treat those over whom they have power. The Hague just found a man guilty of war crimes. I find 313 British MPs guilty of war crimes against the animal kingdom. A war we have waged for thousands of years without cease.



A Great Cycle of Change

In 1979 Khomenei flew from France where he had been in exile, to Iran as the old Shah was ousted. It was the first time in decades the news has become interesting and all that has flowed from that event should be a warning to France that people who take refuge in their borders as freedom fighters are not always the nicest or best people to help.

That aside Brexit has begun a new change in the UK. More people I have spoken to than a year ago are either thinking of taking out citizenship in the European country they have lived in for years, or migrating out of the UK. People who are married to European citizens are happy their children will be able to choose. There will be a population change.

This change will mostly be among the educated, internationally involved population and won;t include land owners who are bound by what they own but rich enough not to care either way. But the middle classes are moving and the UK will lose a large, talented group of people who would never follow Gove and Johnson into anything, anywhere at any time.

Fear and Loathing in the UK

Everyone who phones into radio shows is an expert in a field other than the one they are talking about. This appears to be the new appreciation of society developed in people through universal education.

I have lost count of the numbers of people I have seen writing about the EU or speaking about it who actually know much about it. Everything that is wrong with the UK they blame on the EU but not their own limited world view or limited knowledge. They cannot speak about the international rules of trade, they have no figures on the numbers needed to keep business healthy in the UK, they know only they don’t want foreigners and their local factory was closed down in the last 40 years.

But truly it is remarkable that the Conservative party, that has existed on two foundation stones its entire existence, to stay in power and maintain the monarchy, has managed to have 17 million people blame austerity and the lack of affordable housing onto the EU and not onto Thatcher’s legacy.

They certainly know how to educate the masses in the Conservative clubs of England.

Age Not Anger

As we get older society changes around us.  That means that a heavy weight of opinion forms in new ways in other minds, and that leads to different ways of viewing different things either in business or in law or any of the many characteristics of our times. We can embrace these changes or reject them.

I see a letter Robert Preston  has written asking his dead father what to do now, how the vote for Brexit makes him feel he has been blind to the lives of millions inside his own society. Coming as he does from working for the Financial Times all his career then into the BBC as a leading exponent of capitalism and a commentator of its ills, I think he is feeling guilty. If, as I, we still think one world view, countries working together, eradicating war, hunger, want, being inclusive of all talents is still worthwhile, then we must fight. There is nothing else to do.

The worst aspect of Oxbridge is that it produces thinkers and leaders but no fighters. I know of no one in recent years who was or is prepared to die for their beliefs if called upon to do so. We think that calling is gone, we think the world has changed, people have mutated into something else and we find, they have not.

Westminster became a club a long time ago. The Labour movement tried to break in but was changed by it, into a compliant form of Socialism under Blair. When the riots start, and they will start, no one from Oxbridge will be leading them because no from Oxbridge is angry enough at injustice.


To be great again

We can make Britain great again.

I read and listened to the thinkers who rule us as they squirmed their way to the lousiest, most retrograde step taken by this country in a thousand years. We were more honest when we just invaded Europe and as dishonest when we vied with the other empires for dominance of seas and lands across the globe.

I have often thought politicians when they retires suddenly become interesting and I listened to William Hague recently talk of the UK as the ‘hinge’ between mainland Europe and the USA, A hinge that Brexit has made unhinged as all we can think about it how to leave in stead of doing the thing that made us able to call ourselves great – to be the conduit of political might between the USA and the rest of Europe. An interesting word.

Now the thinkers and trained minds of the UK will leave to take up careers in other countries who can supply them not just with a salary – most rich countries can do that – but with a liberal access to the world not based on trade but on building one world together. Which is, of course, the liberal agenda.

England has given way to tribalism of the worse kind. The shackles she take son now are of Queen and country, and they are no less burdensome than Brussels.


The topic of importance in the UK today is the ridiculous manner in which 51.9% of the British public wanted to believe the lies about Europe being touted by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove et al.

There is no doubt a large section of the society over here dislikes what it has been told Europe does, and after all who wants to be ruled? To be ruled by a monarchy where one family lives free of all the laws they wish to be free from but for those they agree to, and are so possessed of preferential treatment it cannot be said they actually live in society at all. This creates a state that is not meritorious (and where is such a state to be found?) but we love the Windsors so that rule is ok.

There is no doubt that in 300 years of rule the Conservative Party / Tory Party was not always at the forefront of women’s, worker’s and equal rights preferring to take the side of business and its needs first, but that’s ok too because we all want to be ruled by money.

But we don’t want to have to sit around  table with the French. That’s too much. We don’t want to be given money as grants that come with a series of outcomes we have to achieve because that is dominion over us through control of cash flow.

The self given lies for doing the absurd used to be the stuff of pantomimes and if it were not for the devastation being brought upon a country and millions of her people, the hilarity with which they deal with this in the future could be a joke I would share.

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