What Leaders Become

You hear the promises politicians make to you for your vote, to see them break or refine or redefine those promises once in power. Do you ever wonder why? Do you think it is because those that seek power lack integrity? Do you follow Tony Benn (a British politician) when he says “I don’t want to be ruled by anyone who wants to rule me”. Do you see in these leaders some dark quality?

Their world is not your world. If I ever ran for power I would promise the kind of country I would want to see, with all the social benefits and all the environmental policies and so on and so forth and I would consider myself an advanced thinker. Then of course once there I would find that any decision that distributes  £1 across one group or other would actually cost millions, that the smallest idea skews the whole economy and any major change has to be incremental.

Not only that I would be given the true state of the world, the hidden threats, the up-c0ming power plays, the military decisions, the armour of state and suddenly from being a man who wanted to fight for pensioners and plant trees I would be the protector of the very political system that elected me. By winning power I would leave behind the world I grew up in, and enter one of immense indifference. You can only ever tell a few people the truth at a time. you can never tell the truth to millions.

We actually should tell our leaders to stop promising us anything.

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