The Plot Thins

Privacy is of vital importance to the well being of any human being, private property is of no importance at all. In fact since we are all stewards of what we purportedly own, we have generated the ridiculous farce of handing down private property through families. An effective way of ensuring a few people have privacy and many do not.

Stewardship is a very important idea to imbibe. We all die therefore in any meaningful way none of us own anything. We have certain control while we live, then we pass on what we had and what we have made of it. It is that simple, but it isn’t. Vanity means we have to pass it on to our own small genetic pool and not the community in which and through which we create everything we have. Effectively this means the system enables one group of people the ability to deprive others of whatever it is they have living control over.

Now if we taught altruism and gentleness, progressive engagement  and commonality this would not matter. But we don’t. We breed selfishness and preach selflessness. The wrong way round.


So Many Songs

Plato distrusted music. He thought it played upon the emotions and like many intellectuals his rationality was paramount and anything that got in the way of ‘clear’ thinking was to be avoided. Drugs are another case in point.

The thing is to always acquaint emotions with hysteria, lack of thinking and instant judgments you later regret is to misunderstand emotion. Emotions are varied and even the rational mind is emotional because it is being cold. Coldness is an emotion. It is true you can be in an ’emotional’ state but I think we always are. I think it impossible not to be. Obviously there are emotional states that are more conducive to wisdom than others, but that doesn’t make them automatically correct.

Altruism comes with emotions and I would far rather live in an altruistic society than the capitalist one we do live in.

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