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The neo-nazi movement in America, colloquially called the alt-right, has learned how to win. Admittedly this time round they got a semi-idiot into the White House but make no mistake, they have his successor lined up and he won’t be an idiot and he will be a threat to the Republic.

Not that the Republic isn’t a threat to itself. The unremitting drive to be all-inclusive and do away with the natural inequality of talent within the human family has lead to the ridiculous fear that drives people into silence about being critical about anything social. Cohesion is destroyed when we cannot ague with each other.

But that aside the neo-nazis do not want in any way to undo the liberal fears, the want to play upon them and use them to their advantage. If liberals don’t actually start to be less inclusive and stand and fight, America will be divided in exactly the way the Confederacy wanted. And the split wont stop there. There is a potential for America to subdivide into several countries. Be aware.


I am of Hebraic Dravidian extraction. I have seen the scenes in Charlottesville  and actually have colleagues in Virginia.

It was a strange lesson but many people go through as they mature, to realise at the point of my birth about a billion people existed on the earth who would have stomped my head into the ground and thought they had done a good day’s work. Too big a figure? I ask you to consider the relevance of millions of people who today are doing exactly what they did yesterday instead of picketing the houses of the members of the alt-right in their millions. Liberal outrage is never enough, action has to be taken.

Fascism has always existed in the USA. It was built of extremely fascist principles. So, actually, has every country. Everyone has killed other people, and each other, to build the countries we now have and the killing still proceeds. In this we are worse than animals. But we have history behind us, we know where this leads. War.

It never leads anywhere else. Plato warned that societies don’t level out into a political consensus but that left and right politics flow into each other like waves. The right is flowing in. It isn’t challenging the political left, it is drowning it.

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