Electronic music is all very well but my friends who are sound artists, and recordists, tell me they have and will always have a record collection as well as, and sometimes in preference to, a CD collection.

Being someone who knows I don’t have the musical ears of some people, and actually know my talents do not stretch beyond a minimum sense, I listen to those who have brains wired differently to me. I enjoy electronic music because I can download it or listen to it online but to my friends it is dry, unyielding and always the same.

The grooves in the records do not give exactly the same feedback every time to the needle. This difference makes it ‘real’ to my musical friends. Because, as they point out, every musical performance is different, like every theatrical performance, every speaking engagement…in fact every art form.

AI has got to learn to be constantly changing.

Download Me

Although I find the idea of downloading an entire brain’s consciousness into a machine for eternal use a little creepy – and pointless because presumably it is only a copy of the consciousness and therefore the individual will actually die and his/her doppelganger will survive. Not the kind of immortality most people look for.

I find it even stranger that AI is scanning people’s emails, social media and online ways and preferences so as to imitate them when that person dies. Happening now in a small way it is gaining ground and means that a year after someone dies you could receive an email from ‘them’.

I don’t know how good this will get but if they can add spontaneity and humour that actually works, millions will sign up for this. Me? I intend to not die in the traditional manner *g*

Artificial Intelligence Already Rules Us

We fear the AI of science fiction because it has legs, probably arms and definitely eyes. Being our creation it is like us and wants to kill things.

But we have lived with a form of artificial intelligence for thousands of years which has grown until so society cannot function without it. It is called bureaucracy.

This system of forms collated into sections that define exactly what the state wants to know about each individual has its worshipers. Anyone who had dealt with state officers  is well aware of the limited thinking forms gives to people and complete lack of common sense and initiative the system demands. So stringent are the limits of thinking that we all suffer from the same problems, now accepting that statistics, derived from the millions of forms, actually tell us something substantial about humanity. They don’t. They tell us about humanity within the State,  but there was always a humanity outside of the State and there still is. An intellectual humanity that thinks, feels and doesn’t need forms to instruct or be instructed.

It is not a simple thing to fight bureaucracy but everyone in the contemporary world should fear it for, without eyes, it has taken over how millions of us think. It is in the blood stream of our governments and it has no feelings for us whatsoever.

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