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When I attended musical appreciation at school the scientist in the group came up with a definition of music – ‘noise with rhythm’. Our teacher refined that to ‘noise with rhythm meant to be listened to’.

I remember thinking the definition was incomplete for how was this different to language? The ideas around meaning came later to me when I was actually at university and not in a general studies course during A Levels. We are bound to seek for a meaning, in everything. That is why we have music because we imbue noise with rhythm and listen to it for pleasure or warning. That is why we have gods, to explain our feelings of insecurity and explain away our fears of death.

We can always come up with a trite definition that strips the humanity away from the defined. But then we lose the fact we are humans being very human. And since we are the foundation of every definition we need a clear definition of who we are first, before the definitions of anything else can make any sense at all.

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  • Music as noise with rhythm… that has somme serious effects on attuning brain waves, transforming our thinking pattern, and possibly organizing groups into culture. This would be a good area for science to look at. Is music a secret language of the mind that promotes brain activity?

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