Solving Murders

There are hundreds of shows on TV around the world involving murder – the vast majority of these shows solve the murder clues and catch or kill the murderer. We can leave aside the known double-standards human beings have in defining murder with murder (when it comes to war and killing animals,) because the reason why we watch these shows is because murder fascinates us. It isn’t the causes and reasons for the murder that fascinates us, these are just the riddles and murder cases are just another excuse for riddle solving which we love to do. What fascinates us is death.

In particular making the dead somehow talk,  giving us an association with the dead by coming to understand who they were, what their names were, and finally why they died, because there always has to be a why. If you think about it, this is a perfect extension of faith, because our gods who have designed this world, murder us by our natures and we long to know why.

Religion is not a show but it is a riddle, filled with inconsistencies which we spend generations explaining because nature and faith do not agree. This planet is not run on ethical grounds; if it were life feeding on life would not be a core principle of nature, but gods all run on honour and ethics.

We hope to have an answer at the end of the show, I don’t believe we will unless silence can talk to the deaf, blind and dumb.

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