Relationship Issues

I have often thought it was easier to get on with my dogs than anyone else. For a start my dogs can easily out-think me so they don’t have any dominance issues. They also have few requests and those they do have have specified times to which they adhere throughout their lives. It isn’t the sameness that’s boring but more the necessities of living and keeping the home clean which I have to do anyway. Its also comforting that no matter what happens in life the moment I sit down with something to eat four brown eyes are sitting next to me looking for their share. They are one of the best unknown diet tips.

Then again if I feel anxious I am supposed to brush them and by so doing relieve my blood pressure, which accomplishes two important things at the same time. There are few downsides with relating to dogs. They can learn a limited vocabulary but every word of it is cause for much joy, they are constant company and never want to be alone, they make sure everyone who comes near the house knows they are there and in winter I don’t need hot water bottles.

On the grounds of communal empathy and warmth of spirit, they go a long way to making life bearable.

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