Money Is Not A Simple Joy

Everyone knows that some art costs a fortune to own but not everyone knows what it cost the artist to create.

Not that anyone cares much today, even if some may have in the past. Most people who understand the sorrow and pain and frustration of creating are friends, lovers or empathetic patrons of artists. And even understanding is not experiencing. The worry, The crowding in of other things to the pure creative moments, the headaches, the sleeplessness and the inevitable dissatisfaction with the finished work.

I do wonder if any artist, across the board, has ever felt they have created a perfect work for them. They have often envied other’s talents but the drive to try again is not always about having to have money to survive and not wishing or being skilled at anything else. It is also about trying again to ‘get it right’ this time.

Of course wealthy people just want the name in their property. A few love the work. Most love themselves more. I wonder if the people who just bought Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi would run into a burning building to save the work if it were worth £10. If they wouldn’t, and if you wouldn’t, they and you understand nothing of art and everything about marketing. These works are either the core of western civilization or they are not.

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  • “but not everyone knows what it cost the artist to create.” That’s the popularity of the readymade. No effort nor talent required, pick up an object found on the street; all you need is a clever marketing team. Art world overrun by charlatans. Peace on earth will come when the last Conceptualist is strangled with the entrails of the last postgraduate curatorial student.

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