Long Ago And Close By

Have you ever wondered when the first lie might have been given? Several religions have exactly this moment in their myths and many, many stories about the paradigm of a liar, or the waywardness of a lie itself.

Human beings may be evolved to lie. Although not all experts are convinced of the research carried out in 2005 and the additional research done on this subject by the same team in 2009. There is a division of opinion as to whether this research shows anything that overturns the strongly held understanding that we are habituated to lie. It is something we learn young and reinforce throughout our growth to adulthood by which time it is second nature.

Though in some studies done with apes researches did notice that even they will try to transfer the blame for something onto someone else. Although I am not sure stealing food is a good or useful aspect of living to draw conclusions from as the urge to eat is very, very strong. Even my dogs will steal some food and when found out hang their heads and ‘scoot real quick’. There may well come the day when they evolve to look up and not scoot and pretend it wasn’t them at all.

There is probably a dual answer here in that we are evolved to be able to lie and we use that ability and habituate ourselves to lying.  So much so that we lie without conscience.

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