Light And God

My physics friend at University (don’t laugh we all had one) told me in his text books they a quote ‘And god said…” followed by the four equations Maxwell wrote on the nature of light. It made me think about the relationship between god and science in our minds.

Of course if science is correct then god is a scientist. However if science is correct than all we have said about god in  religions is incorrect. Well no, not all. I was struck a while ago hearing a religious man ask someone what they thought about god and reprimanding them when they started to quote religions saying that was only what men and women thought about god. For years I have studied Metaphysics and to see god in the place s/he ought to be, as purely speculative with no observable existence outside of personal belief, was refreshing. God actually never said anything but in saying nothing, everything has been revealed.

But though monotheism may be having its day in the light of science polytheism is making a comeback. We don’t call them the usual names but we worship at the feet of many gods; free-sex, money, nationalism you name them, we worship them. Because to worship something all you need do is to give your life to it.

It never was about what god is or is not, it was all about who human beings are . . . or are not.

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